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It’s official: Chocolate Digestives have had a serious flavour makeover


If you work in an office, you’ll know that something very strange happens whenever you settle down with a cup of coffee at 11am. It’s exactly the same as every other caffeine dose you take throughout the working day – except it’s not. There’s something strangely… well, strangely hollow about it all.

To quote author T.J. Bowes: “Biscuits, biscuits, wherefore art thou biscuits? Hath mine beloved hidden thou once more from mine eyes?

“Alas, mine coffee cries out. Lo!”

That’s right: your elevenses coffee is basically nothing without a chocolate biscuit to dunk in it – and now McVitie’s has decided to combine all of our favourite things in one game-changing snack.

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This is the Chocolate Coffee Caramel Digestive:

Biscuits have been given a big makeover...

Biscuits have been given a big makeover...

That is certainly a lot to take in.

It’s still a buttery biscuit base slathered in chocolate, but it’s also got a layer of caramel – which helps to maintain your biccy’s integrity when you dunk it into a warm drink. Aka no more soggy lumps breaking off and floating to the bottom of your cuppa.

This time, however, the caramel has been infused with a rich coffee flavour, too, which means it’ll help to ease your heartache when Bob from accounts has finished off the office jar of Kenco (and failed to replace it).

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If coffee isn’t your scene, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s another flavour to watch out for: the Chocolate Banoffee Caramel Digestive.

Oh McVitie’s, you’re spoiling us.

How about a bitta banoffee with your morning cuppa?

How about a bitta banoffee with your morning cuppa?

Both packets are available in shops now for £1.50 a pack. Before all you traditionalists rear your heads in outrage, don’t despair: you can still get your bog-standard caramel, chocolate and dark chocolate varieties.

There’s also rumours of a digestive biscuit out there that’s almost entirely devoid of chocolate altogether, but we’ve yet to encounter one in the wild.

Happy dunking.

Images: iStock / McVitie’s


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