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Cookie dough fans, your perfect store is coming to London

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From the wacky to the undeniably wonderful, London has seen just about every sugary food trend you could imagine (think sushi donuts and Nutella lasagne, to name just two). 

But the next snack vying for attention from your sweet tooth is… well, it’s seriously special.

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My Cookie Dough is a whole eatery dedicated to the consumption of gooey, cream-topped cookie dough and it’s already proved a hit not only in America, but in the North of England too.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the delicious qualities of cookie dough. It appears in some of our favourite ice creams, or melded into cakes and brownies – but this is where My Cookie Dough stands out, ever so gloriously, from the crowd.

Oreo Cookie Dough with the cream on top 🤤 and more Oreo crumb 👏

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Cookie dough is often served mainly raw and cool in temperature, but not at this clever café: instead, the cookie connoisseurs warm their dough through just enough for it be melt-in-the-mouth good, without being baked.

And, as if a whole store dedicated to cookie dough wasn’t enough to tickle your tastebuds, they’ve also whipped up a menu that would have Willy Wonka raising an impressed eyebrow.

Flavours include the sumptuous-sounding caramel and white chocolate, fudge and honeycomb, and Biscoff. All of which can be enjoyed soft baked and served with fresh ice cream.

Red Velvet on the weekends 🔥

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If all of that doesn’t satisfy your cravings, then why not treat yourself to a cloud? A dessert which is every bit as heavenly as the name suggests, this is essentially cookie dough wrapped in candy floss and chocolatey ice cream.

Or, if you like to wake up to something seriously sweet, then you should definitely give their breakfast menu (littered with ‘fairy bread’ and the like) a try.

The only clouds we like to see ☁️💜 #candyflossclouds

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My Cookie Dough will be opening in Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre on the 21 September, and those who manage to make it down for the launch could be treated to a giveaway. 

Images: My Cookie Dough



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