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Nutelasagna; the dessert lasagna that's taking New York by storm


As avid dessert lovers, we would comfortably say there's not a dessert in the world we haven't tried. That was until this morning.

News of the Nutelasagne, a rich, creamy and sweet dessert lasagne that was served at a New York bakery over the weekend has taken the internet by storm and the treat sold out over just two days.

The mouth-watering dish is a kind of pasta bake made of layers of lasagna sheets, cannoli custard, Nutella, chopped chocolate, roasted nuts and homemade marshmallows.

New Yorkers who are looking to get their hands on a slice have been forming queues since 8am every morning outside southern Brooklyn bakery Robicelli’s.

A cross-section of the Nutelasagne

A cross-section of the Nutelasagne

Owners Allison and husband Matthew Robicelli first created the hybrid in the summer when they launched a campaign asking bakers to invent the most innovative and craziest food mash-ups of all time.

The Nutelasagne is made of layers of sweet ingredients

The Nutelasagne is made of layers of sweet ingredients

Their Nutella-lasagne hybrid sold so well over the summer that the couple decided to bring the dessert back just in time for the festive season.

The Nutelasagna contains homemade marshmallow, pictured here

The dessert is in such high demand, the bakers are keeping eager diners updated as to when they can buy a piece with posts on their Facebook page, writing: "Doing our best to keep up over here" and "Come line up at 8am like the crazy people today who did that. (and my crazy, I mean champions, because you guys were awesome)".

While the Italians already have a rich history of brilliant desserts on their hands, from tiramisu to panna cotta, we think this is a welcome addition.  

What customers are queuing for: a slice of the Nutelasagne

What customers are queuing for: a slice of the Nutelasagne

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