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This prosecco advent calendar will have you waving goodbye to summer


Every year as autumn appears on our horizons, and supermarkets start prematurely peddling their festive merchandise, we have the same thought - surely it’s too early to be talking about Christmas?

Well, whether you like it or not, the big day is just 18 weeks away. Which means we’ll have barely finished our August bank holiday BBQ leftovers (and prosecco deals) before being confronted by chocolate Santas and Christmas music at every turn. 

But, if there’s one thing that could persuade us to give up the summer sun, it’s a prosecco advent calendar.

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We’re no strangers to the delights of fancy adult advent calendars. From beauty to boozy-themed Christmas countdowns, we thought we’d tried them all by this point – but prosecco? Now that’s cause for a glass clink-worthy celebration.

After all, waking up to dark, cold mornings every day wouldn’t seem so bad if we knew there was a little bottle of fizz waiting for us at the end of it (although this is definitely one to enjoy responsibly as as an after-work treat).

The calendar is this year’s offering from The Pip Stop, a specialist alcohol retailer based in Durham. With a name that aptly inspires festive fun, the Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar, holds a different mini bottle of fizz behind each of its 25 windows.

But if you’re worried that you’ll eventually get bored of prosecco (we can’t see it personally), no need to. Your choice of bubbles is vastly varied, with The Pip Stop describing the “decadent mixture of 20cl bottles” to include, “prosecco, cava and champagne”.


Behold, the Superstar Sparkling Advent Calendar

According to Cosmopolitan, tipples are also supplied by a range of brands including Gancia, Jacobs Creek, Freixenet, Galanti and Bottega Gold, with prestigious champagne label, Laurent-Perrier, making an appearance for Christmas Eve celebrations.

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Priced at £125 a pop, it’s not the cheapest advent calendar on the market, but arguably the most fun. And, if we’re looking at bang for our buck, each glass (approximately) clocks up to £5 which isn’t bad for some of the more distinguished prosecco and champagne brands.

This could serve as a well-earned gift to yourself or, thanks particularly to the sparkle inspired packaging, an incredible gift for a prosecco loving mate.

And if you can’t be generous at Christmas, when can you be?

Images: iStock / The Pip Stop / Giphy



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