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Science says drinking this beverage will help you concentrate


We’re woman enough to admit there are a number of times throughout the day when we need a little pick-me-up. 

For example; first thing in the morning; the moment we arrive in the office; when we see the size of our to-do list; pre-lunch; post-lunch; 3.30 pm.

And in a bid to make these moments more effective, scientists have been researching the best beverages to drink when you need an attention boost, and they have finally found an answer: the humble mocha.

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According to researchers from Clarkson University and the University of Georgia, the combination of cocoa and caffeine is the perfect mix for when you need a dash of extra motivation.


The researchers spent a year testing the effects of different drinks, by studying participants who drank either cocoa, cocoa with caffeine, just caffeine or a placebo drink that contained neither.

After the participants had drunk their beverages they were tested on both their mood and ability to perform cognitive tasks in order to work out which drink was most effective at increasing concentration. The mocha proved the perfect balance of anxiety-reducing cocoa and motivation-boosting caffeine.

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“It was a really fun study,” researcher Ali Boolani, from Clarkson University, said in a statement.

“Cocoa increases cerebral blood flow, which increases cognition and attention. Caffeine alone can increase anxiety. This particular project found that cocoa lessens caffeine's anxiety-producing effects – a good reason to drink mocha lattes!”

As if we needed any excuse...



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