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The foodie's 2014 bucket list; the dishes and recipes that made headlines and sparked obsession this year


If there's one thing that can give fashion a run for its money it's Britain's food scene. There's a great new restaurant and food fad to try out every week. And if, like us, you've found it difficult to keep up and you're in disbelief that it's already December, you've probably still got a fair bit of these to check off your to-do list.

Which is why we've created a top 10 of the best food experiences of 2014. These are the dishes that had people queuing in their masses, raving about to their friends and devouring time and time again in the last 12 months. Get your napkin on...

Breakfast for dinner

The 'brinner' movement - where breakfast food is eaten for dinner - started in America and this year it was big news in Britain. A London study found that 44% of diners ordered breakfast in the evening, while one in 10 revealed they eat it regularly. What made it respectable was a host of sophisticated spots serving breakfast-inspired mains, from the UK's first cereal café in London (offering 100 types of cereal from 7am until 10pm) to the eggs starter and 'cereal killer' cocktail - made of Havana Club Rum, coco pops milk and served in a milk-carton-shaped glass - at Jason Atherton's upmarket restaurant Berners Tavern.

Where is the best place to try it?

Canteen serves its famous fry-up all day. Located at: Spitafields, Canary Wharf and Royal Festival Hall

Berner's Tavern egg starters

Berner's Tavern egg starters

Artisan toast

Toast became trendy this year. That is toast with a gourmet makeover made from special flours and served with homemade butter, jams and other artisan toppings. Tonia George, who wrote the cookbook Things on Toast in 2009, went through ten to twelve loaves of bread a day and served 100 portions of toast with preserves for £3.50 every week at each of her Ginger & White cafes in London.

Pain Quotidien offers rye, walnut and sourdough toast at £2.95 for two slices; the Gail’s bakery chain, charges £2.50 for two slices of toast from a selection of 30 kinds of freshly baked loaves with Lescure butter and organic French jam; and E5 Bakehouse in Hackney, the sourdough toast baked on site is £1 a slice. The artisan bread craze is set to grow with Beyond Bread, a 100% gluten free bakery and café in London, to open in January 2015.

Where is the best place to try it?

Riding House Cafe's famous avocado on wholemeal toast is the best we've ever had. Located at: 43-51 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PQ

Redemption bars

Alcohol-free bars popped up across the UK this year, such as The Brink in Liverpool, Sobar in Nottingham and Redemptionbar in London. Meanwhile, London's Artesian voted the best bar in the world for a third year, is behind the trend where head bartender Alex Kratena says, "I feel nonalcoholic cocktails are in the same position where vegetables were years back. "It used to be that a dish was constructed around a piece of meat, and then chefs became interested in stretching their creativity by experimenting more heavily with vegetables. These days, you see vegetarian tasting menus at Michelin three-star restaurants."

Top restaurants including HawksmoorDishoom and Caravan in London have also included non-alcoholic options on their cocktail menus. The Metropolitan in Glasgow serves a 'No-jito' while Island Bar in Birmingham offers Prohibition Iced Teas. These cocktails are cheaper, hangover-free and taste just as good. 

Where is the best place to try it?

Artesian creates Heston Blumenthal-esque creations even for mocktails. Located at: The Langham, Portland Place, London W1B 1JA

A mocktail at Redemption bar

A mocktail at Redemption bar

Fusion Mexican

This year Mexican cuisine got a global makeover, where fillings such as brown rice and pinto beans were swapped for all sorts of other fillings. At Kimchinary in London burritos and tacos are packed with Korean ingredients such kimchi, pickled nectarine and plum salsa; at Indian burrito company Wrapchic the fillings consist of tikka-style chicken and mint chutney, and Burrito Mama's wraps feature slaw and melted cheese.

Over on the internet, Amy Erickson of food blog Oh, Bite It! invented a recipe for toasted burritos stuffed with warm macaroni and cheese and the Pizzadilla -  a cross between a quesadilla and pizza - caused us to throw out that local pizza delivery leaflet. With the versatility of a Mexican flour tortilla and the flavours of a delicious pizza toppings, it only takes 15-minutes to cook.

Where is the best place to try it?

Kimchinary boasts one of the tastiest fusion burritos around. Located at Kerb, Granary Square, King's Cross, London, N1C every Friday.

Kimchinary's Korean burritos

Kimchinary's Korean burritos

Edible shot glasses

If there was one thing that got Stylist.co.uk's readers' mouths watering this year and that is novelty, edible shot glasses. From marshmallow shot glasses to Cronut-inventor Dominique Ansel's chocolate chip cookie shots to pour milk into, each adventurous recipe sent our minds into a food-shaped daydreams. For coffee lovers there was the chocolate-dipped waffle espresso glasses. And for anyone who absolutely doesn't like taking shots, they can now eat a deep fried tequila shot.

Marshmallow shot glasses

Marshmallow shot glasses

Posh doughnuts

The once humble childhood treat turned into a gourmet experience in the last 12 months. Companies such as Crosstown doughnuts now offer an array of creative flavours in the place of jam, from salted caramel to chocolate and chilli cream. They became so popular within two months of opening, Crosstown's creations are now stocked in Selfridges on London's Oxford Street. Meanwhile, Dum Dum doughnuts introduced a 'healthier' baked option in flavours such as crème brûlée and Strawberry Purée Fondant.

Where is the best place to try it?

Crosstown doughnuts are crispy on the outside and filled with exciting creams on the inside, without a hint of excessive grease when you take a bite. Located at: Shop 7, Piccadilly Circus Station, London W1J 9HS and various markets around London.

Dum Dum's selection of doughnuts

The ‘Seven Samurai’ lobster roll at Smack Deli

If you loved Burger and Lobster - the restaurant with a three-item menu that took the London dining scene by storm in 2012 - you'll love its more affordable and fast food concept Smack Deli, which opened last month. The ‘Seven Samurai’ lobster roll was named one of London's top ten dishes in London by Time Out, containing tempura lobster, Japanese mayo, cabbage, cucumber, pickled ginger, spring onions and togarashi spice.

Located at: 26-28 Binney Street London W1K 5BN

Smack Deli's lobster roll with courgette fries


Heaven arrived for dessert lovers in the form of a lasagne earlier this month. News of the Nutelasagne, a rich, creamy and sweet dessert lasagne that was served at a New York bakery won over the internet by storm and the treat sold out over just two days. The mouth-watering dish is a kind of pasta bake made of layers of lasagna sheets, cannoli custard, Nutella, chopped chocolate, roasted nuts and homemade marshmallows.

Where is the best place to try it?

New York City bakery Robicelli’s, located at 9009 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Brooklyn bakery Robicelli’s Nutelasagne

Brooklyn bakery Robicelli’s Nutelasagne

American ribs and brisket

The country's obsession with American barbecue food continued to swell, with new eateries opening every month, such as Q Grill, Porky’sBig Easy Bar B.Q & Crabshack and Blackfoot to name a few in London alone. Nationwide, we saw Rookwood Bar & 'Cue in Liverpool, Smoke Barbecue in Sheffield, whilst Red's True Barbecue in Manchester and Leeds also become popular dining destinations.

Where is the best place to try it?

Porky's boasts the full package with diner-style decor, slow-cooked Memphis barbecue and craft beer and Tennessee tunes. Located at: 18 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AG

A dish at Red's True Barbecue

A dish at Red's True Barbecue

Macaroni and cheese dumplings

The award for strangest hybrid of the year goes to the mac and cheese dumplings invented by the folks at FoodBeast.com. We could never really say mac 'n cheese was a cosmopolitan or sophisticated dish, until these little tidbits came along,





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