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13 unusual coffee orders for serious caffeine nerds

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hanna woodside

Remember when ordering a flat white was a novelty? Well, there’s a whole world of caffeinated delights out there, that any self-respecting coffee addict will want to tick off (at least once). Here, Stylist contributor, Hanna Woodside, spills the beans on what to order. Time to put your barista to the test.


A shot of hot espresso over slices of lime. The coffee version of a tequila slammer. A ‘romana’ is the same idea but over lemon. A ‘mazagran’ is an iced black coffee - served in a long glass - with lemon juice. The extra acidity from the citrus fruit is meant to enhance the acid notes in the coffee (which for some, is a good thing).

Dirty Chai

What could make a delicious, spicy, milky, faintly Christmassy chai tea latte even better? Why, a shot of espresso, of course.



Talking of mixing tea and coffee to create one superior drink, this popular order in Hong Kong combines three parts strong black coffee, with seven parts tea sweetened with condensed milk. Served hot or cold, it’s also known as a Kopi Cham in Malaysia. 

Leche Manchada

Meaning ‘stained milk’, you take a cup of steamed milk and add a mere drop of espresso. Like a babyccino for adults.

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A shot of espresso, with cocoa powder and milk froth, usually served in a small glass. Essentially, a mocha in dinky shot form. Apparently in the Italian town of Alba, home to chocolate gods Ferrero, they replace the cocoa powder with a dollop of Nutella. Yum.

breakfast at tiffanys

Con Panno

Simply an espresso with a squirt of whipped cream on top. Also known as a ‘suizo’.

Red Eye

A regular black filter coffee, super-charged with a shot of espresso. Add two shots and it’s a ‘black eye’. And three and it’s a ‘dead eye’ (for seriously hardcore caffeine addicts). A Cafe Tobio is a shorter drink made with half filter coffee and half espresso. 

Café de Olla

A Mexican drink, which flavours ground coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo (whole cane sugar). To be properly legit, it needs to be brewed in a traditional clay pot.

ray girls

Café Bombon

Originating in Valencia, Spain, this is an espresso shot served in a clear glass, with an equal amount of thick and gooey condensed cream which sinks to the bottom creating a layered effect. A seriously sweet tooth is required to enjoy this.

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Coming from the Spanish verb ‘cortar’ meaning ‘to cut’, this is an espresso cut with a dash of warm milk to reduce the acidity. Before you say that’s just a macchiato, true coffee nerds will know that a macchiato is an espresso cut with warm, frothed milk. So there.

friends coffee


An Austrian creation which mixes an espresso shot with a raw egg yolk to make it richer, then a bit of honey. (Whipped cream and a shot of brandy are optional). The Vietnamese have a version of this egg-coffee, where up to three yolks are whisked with condensed milk to create a super-smooth, custardy coffee.


The Germans know how to do iced coffee. Think of a coke float, now replace the coke with iced black coffee. On top of the scoop, or two, of vanilla ice cream, add whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips. 

Espresso Tonic

Yep, like tonic water in a G&T. Before you write it off, it’s basically a fizzy iced black coffee. And everything is better with bubbles, right? It’s meant to be very refreshing on a hot summer day.


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