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Wagamama just launched an entire vegan menu – and it looks delicious

wagamama vegan menu.jpg

Back in the day, vegans had seriously limited choices when it came to dining out. Now, though, things are very different: more and more high-street restaurants and chains are opening up their menus for those on a plant-based diet – and now Wagamama has leapt on the vegan bandwagon, too.

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That’s right, herbivores: the restaurant has launched a totally vegan and vegetarian menu, which offers a whopping 29 plant-based food options – all of which are (just as you’d expect) cooked fresh to order.

And there are so many delicious-sounding meals to choose from, too: depending on your mood, you can tuck into a plate of yasai steamed gyoza, get a big ol’ five-a-day boost with the wok-fried greens, twirl noodles from a tasty pad thai, slurp up a yaki soba or dip into a fragrant samla curry.

Those with a sweet tooth needn’t despair either, as there are also a number of fruity sorbets to round everything off with.

But the best news of all?

There’s even a seitan katsu curry on the menu. We repeat: there’s a SEITAN KATSU CURRY.

As Wagamama points out on its official website, “meat-free shouldn’t mean taste-free”.

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Of course, Wagamama aren’t the first to cater to vegans: Pizza Express, Giraffe, Las Iguanas, Ask Italian, Carluccio’s, Nando’s, Wetherspoons and even the Toby Carvery all serve up some pretty great plant-based meals, too.

And Pret has launched a few exclusively veggie branches across the UK – and even has a vegan Christmas sandwich menu waiting in the wings, too.

Now all that’s left to do is pick just one place for lunch today. Choices, choices…

Images: Wagamama



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