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The top 5 food and drink trends you’ll be seeing at weddings this year

drink station wedding pimp prosecco.PNG

There was the summer of cupcakes. The year of cheese towers. Several seasons of pick’n’mix stations, a good few whisky bars, many a naked cake and a strange blip involving doughnut walls.

Now, as your wedding invites stretch out ahead of you like a string of home-made bunting, rinsing your bank account for the rest of 2017 and probably beyond, we can tell you exactly what to expect from the food and drink at any upcoming nuptials.

Five trends have been on the rise over at Pinterest, with keen brides and grooms pinning cakes, booze ideas and foodie themes with abandon.

Without further ado, we present the top five trends in wedding food and drink, based on the increase in saved pins over the past year.

Guests, get ready, and happy couples, get inspired...

1. Drip cakes (+437%)

Wedding Drip Cake Food Trend

Where once the naked cake reigned supreme, with its semi-transparent icing and casual wildflower decoration, we’re heading back toward fancy with drip cakes – intricate creations with artfully dripped icing that manages to look kind of carefree while actually, we imagine, involving quite a lot of work.

2. Taco Party (+132%)

wedding taco bar

Pinterest blames the trend on the rise of the taco emoji, but we blame it on the fact tacos are delicious and an extremely simple food option. People serve themselves, veggie versions are easy, everyone’s a winner.

3. Cocktail Hour Details (+60%)

cocktail hour wedding ideas

Couples are apparently going one step further than simply serving cocktails between the ceremony and reception, opting for paired snacks such as small hamburgers with shots of beer, or oysters with sparkling wine tasters.

4. Personalize-Your-Drink Station  (+50%)

drinks station wedding

Instead of hiring someone to build your guests’ drinks, why not let them plonk their bit of fruit in themselves for a personalized beverage? For example, having a selection of flavoured spirits and fruits at a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ stand, as above. DIY is more affordable and more fun, basically.

5. Brunch weddings (+35%)

brunch wedding theme

Daytime weddings with brunch-themed food and drink offerings are on the rise. And that means coffee bars, yoghurt stations, piles of pancakes, doughnut towers and even morning crossword place settings. Is that because we’re suckers for pastries, because daytime celebrations are a little cheaper, or because we just like drinking in the morning? Answers on an embossed, gilt-edged postcard…

Images: Pinterest



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