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A refugee couple have named their newborn baby Justin Trudeau

justin trudeau baby.jpg

When Donald Trump, new leader of the free world, decided that one of his first acts as US president would be to ban citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering America, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the opportunity to reiterate precisely where his own country stood on the issue.

The government’s website states that since November 2015, Canada has welcomed more than 40,000 Syrian refugees fleeing violent conflict in their home country.

And one couple have decided to pay tribute to the PM’s policy by naming their newborn son after him.

Meet Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan (that’s the full ‘Justin Trudeau’ as his first name, in case you were wondering):

Justin Trudeau (the younger) was born on Thursday 4 May to Muhammad and Afraa Bilan.

Originally from Damascus, the couple, along with their daughter Naya, four, and son Nael, three, arrived in Canada in February 2016 and now live in Calgary.

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Afraa told the local paper that the gesture was a “small thank you” to Trudeau, adding: “We love this man, we appreciate him so much. He helped so many of us, he’s a really nice man.”

According to the BBC, Muhammad, 29, was a barber in Damascus, but having been detained by the Syrian army once, was concerned for his safety on learning that the authorities were looking for him again. The family heard about Canada’s policy and “jumped at the chance”.

“Canada is much more safe – there's no war, nothing,” Afraa Bilan told the BBC. “Everything is good – nothing like Syria.”

Muhammad now works in a grocery shop and the pair say they hope that one day their youngest son will meet his namesake.

Image: Rex Features


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