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20 signs that your sister is your best friend

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It’s official; having a sister is the best. And scientists have proven it, once and for, all, with a brand-new study.

According to the research, our sisters make us happier, more independent, and more likely to succeed – not to mention far more optimistic than our sister-less counterparts. Throw in the fact that our sis helps us to communicate our emotions more effectively, and you have a recipe for sheer familial perfection.

Professor Tony Cassidy, from the University of Ulster, who carried out the study with researchers from De Montfort University in Leicester, said: “Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families.”

He added: “Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.”

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It’s wonderful news for sisters everywhere – but, for the majority of us, the study feels like it’s spelling out the obvious.

Personally, I’ve always known that my baby sister is the most awesome person in the whole entire world. Tasha isn’t just my sister; she’s my soul sister – my other half that makes me whole. And, while I have plenty of awesome friends out there, there’s only one person who truly deserves the title of BEST friend.

My sister is absolutely my BFF

My sister is absolutely my BFF

Feel the same way? Here’s all the ways you can tell that your sister is your best friend too…

20 signs that your sister is your best friend

Whenever anything happens, she’s the first person you tell

It doesn’t matter if it’s good news (I GOT THE JOB!), bad news, or not-really-news-at-all news (I bought that dress I told you about), your sister is the first person you turn to – and vice versa. It’s pretty much a-given that those three grey dots will pop up within moments of you hitting ‘send’… or, failing that, you’re getting a phone call as soon as she can press dial. Epic.

You rave about her to everyone you meet

Literally, I do this all the time. It gets to the point where people start rolling their eyes when her name comes up, because it signifies me launching into an impassioned speech about how frikking awesome she is. And, yeah, when they meet her, they know that they’re in the presence of someone other-worldly. Cue them bowing down and crying: “this is your sister? We’re not worthy – we’re not worthy!”

She’s the only person you can trust to tell you the cold hard truth

All those other pals will politely tell you that you look great in that new dress. Your sister? She’s going to tell you that you look like a horrifying cross between the Sugar-Plum Fairy, a Troll Doll (remember those tufty-haired 80s critters?), and Andy at the end of Pretty in Pink. And you’ll thank her for it, too.

Your phone history is ridiculous

Scrolling through your Whatsapp messages is like reading a bumper version of War & Peace, all of your outgoing calls are to her, and all of your incoming ones are FROM her (as well as, like, five missed calls from those people who want to sell you insurance).

It’s also worth pointing out that your phone calls last, on average, around an hour and a half. Minimum.

Potential partners aren’t afraid of meeting your parents – they KNOW the person they need to impress is your sis

If you ain’t got her approval, it’s over. Seriously.

She’s never afraid to give you some tough love

If you’re being a brat, she’ll tell you about it. And, likewise, if you’re being a drama queen and blowing things out of proportion, expect her to fill you in on that fact quick-sharp. It can be irksome, sure, but it helps you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. And don’t worry – the arrangement works both ways…

She knows all of your deepest, darkest secrets

All the things you could never imagine telling anyone else? Yup, she knows them. And, while she won’t ever expose them to outsiders, she is pretty much guaranteed to mock you mercilessly about them when you’re alone together. That’s cool, though, because you have all the info you need to do it right back…

Hanging out is never a hassle, because you’re happy doing whatever

Going out to a fancy restaurant? Sure. Cinema date? Excellent. Staying in all weekend to watch rom-coms, eat potato-based foods, and wear your PJs all day long? PERFECTION!

If people mess with one of you, they mess with both of you

Hell hath no fury like a sister whose sister has been scorned.

She’s in basically all of your photos

You just… you just look so gosh darn cute together. And, hey, if you’re going to tackle one Snapchat filter together, you may as well do them all.

You don’t have to talk out loud to tell her how you’re feeling

Just one look – or one carefully hooked eyebrow – can communicate a whole wealth of emotions. Which comes in especially handy at family dinners…

And, on that note, you often fire off texts to one another while you’re in the same room

How else can you express your disgust over Great-Aunt Muriel’s horrifyingly anti-feminist comment without attracting unwanted attention, eh?

Your primary use of Facebook is to tag her in memes

You will also occasionally use it to post cute photos of puppies / kittens / rabbits to her wall. And, you know, tag her in delicious-looking recipe videos (alongside the desperate plea of “can we PLEASE make this next time I see you?”).

You refuse to go to big family gatherings without her

You need someone to sit with, you need someone to save you from all those awkward conversations about why you’re not married yet, and you need someone to keep you sane. She is the one and only person who’s qualified for the job.

Your fights will be terrifying – and over in, ooh, about five seconds

One minute you’ll be screaming at each other like banshees, the next you’ll be sat next to each other on the sofa, sharing a family-sized bowl of strawberry trifle, and watching Disney films together. That’s just the way you roll.

She will shut you DOWN if you ever start bad-mouthing yourself

She is willing to fight any and all of your enemies – and, yeah, this includes you. Don’t ever call yourself fat, or stupid, or unworthy in front of her, because she will let rip… and, in doing so, she’ll remind you that she’s a serious badass. Which is always useful to remember in moments of doubt, because, guess what? You share the same DNA as this noble land mermaid, which means you’re every bit as wonderful as she is.

You get weird pangs of jealousy when you see her friends referring to her as their ‘sister from another mister’

Erm, excuse me? Bog off, you fakers – she’s my sister, and nobody else’s. And I’ll pen an even BETTER and more gushing Facebook comment than yours on her latest selfie to prove it, too...

You really don’t get it when you see sisters who hate each other

… what’s the deal, guys? You’re literally wasting the best relationship you’re ever going to get. Ever.

Sometimes you miss her so much it hurts

This can happen just moments after hanging out (or if you’re watching Frozen by yourself), and can only be resolved by a long blubbering phone call…

Your love is absolutely unconditional

No matter what happens along the way, you two will always be there for one another – and your love will never falter or change, either, because yours is basically the most sickeningly cute love story that will ever be told.

All hail sisters!


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