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Susan Hiller Exhibition


Celebrated for her pioneering mixed-media installations and video projections, American artist Susan Hiller’s new exhibition opens tomorrow at Tate Britain (until 15 may) and is one of 2011's must-see exhibitions

Described as “one of the most influential artists of her generation”, the retrospective will be the largest presentation of Hiller's work to date, and will show some of her key pieces spanning four decades. They include many of her famed mixed media installations and video projections, and follows her exploration of dreams, memories and supernatural phenomena. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking.

Look out for ‘Monument 1980-1’, the mixed media installation, where you sit on a park bench behind 41 photographs of commemorative plaques honouring Londoners who died whilst trying to rescue others. You'll be given some headphones to listen to Hiller’s fragmented views on death, heroism, immortality, gender and representation. Or, if you’re interested in Hiller’s supernatural interpretation then look out for ‘Psi Girls 1999’, a five-screen projection featuring clips from Hollywood movies about young women with telekinetic powers. Pictured above is the spell-binding audio-sculpture ‘Witness 2000’. A cloud of audio speakers hang in an eerily blue lit room, where you can listen to a kaleidoscope of hundreds of accounts of extra-terrestrial encounters from people around the world.

For more information visit tate.org.uk.



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