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From revamping your wardrobe to getting anywhere traffic-free: the 10 apps that will streamline your life


This week saw the launch of Apple's News app, available to everybody who has updated to iOS 9.1 (yes that's the same update that gave you the cheese emoji you'd been crying out for).

A new tool to calm the seemingly endless chatter of news, links and hearsay, News curates the topics that you're interested in, giving you the chance to do away with trying to search for what you're interested in in hundreds of different places, and bringing your favourite stories to you. Follow Stylist on it here to get your fix of Stylist.co.uk added in to the mix.

To celebrate its launch, we've compiled a list of 10 of our all-time favourite apps, the ones we depend on to streamline our to-do lists, help us bag a table at the hottest new restaurants and keep us calm no matter how much we've got going on. Here's the stylist.co.uk guide to the apps every woman needs in her life.

Stop... buying the wrong items online

With... Villoid

Alexa Chung using Villoid

Trying to emulate Alexa Chung's style is far from realistic for most of us. Thankfully she's realised that too, and created an app, Villoid, to give you a "virtual dressing up box", and a headstart. It acts as a cross between Instagram, Pinterest and an online shopping site. You can create and browse style boards by both Alexa and other seemingly-effortless women (part of the satisfaction is finding out how they achieve those coverted "effortless" looks) - and buy items straight from the app. Goodbye impulse ASOS shopping, hello work uniform.

Get it here

Stop... getting food FOMO

With... Foodspotting

French toast on Foodspotting

It's all very well hearing what the hottest new restaurants are, or where the latest pop-ups have sprung, but what will you actually have once you get there? Offering a virtual menu of anywhere people are loving food near you, Foodspotting works almost like a foodie version of Instagram. Users tag where they ate their most picturesque (and delicious) dishes, so you get recommendations of exactly what to get, and what's nearest, thanks to the handy geo-location.

Available for Apple and Android

Stop… getting stuck in traffic jams

With… Waze


The modern version of The Knowledge... in that it's the app used by Uber drivers, Waze has a real-time traffic updating system which means that you'll never be stuck on a jam on the main road again. Its community sourced traffic updates knows exactly what's coming up on your way from A to B and re-plans your route via backstreets and clever ways (geddit?) around obstacles like roadworks and closed streets. All in all, you're going to have to think of some new excuses to be late, as "the traffic" is firmly out of the window.

Available on Apple and Android

Stop…  taking terrible pictures

With… VSCOcam


Is your phone memory always clogged up because you took five ‘goes’ at taking the perfect picture on holiday, or the ten versions of your most hilarious selfie for Snapchat? Get the right shot first time with the VSCOcam app, which offers split focus, changes exposure, and also has an editing process that will have you forgetting Instagram's filters ever existed. Plus it offers a seamless storage system that will stop you fiddling about trying to keep your phone storage down - perfect if you're using the shots for anything more than humblebragging.

Available on Apple and Android

Stop… ‘checking’ the headlines

With… Apple News

Apple news

If there's one specific thing you go onto a news website to see, but you end up getting lured in by clickbait or reading mood-dampening news and come out swearing off the headlines, it might be time to try Apple's new News app. It automatically downloads with the new iOS 9.1 update, and after you pick a few publications you like to read (and don't worry, Stylist is firmly on there), it starts to recognise what sort of stories have you coming back, offering a homepage only filled with the things you're interested in.

Follow Stylist here

Stop… filling your home with Ikea 'nick-nacks'

With… Shpock


Popping to a car boot sale for quirky vintage items to decorate your home sounds easy enough on Pinterest, but realistically hunting down the exact item you need to pull together the 'minimal Scandi crossed with 1920s' look you were aiming for in your living room can be time consuming, and expensive. Shpock acts as the aspirational version of a classifieds page in a newspaper, offering free listings for people to sell what they're aiming to get rid of, and organising what's available into categories like fashion, home and garden, and giving you information of what's nearby so you don't have to trek down to buy it.

Available on Apple and Android

Stop… forgetting passwords

With… SplashID


We all know that 'password1' is not the best option for your internet security, but with so many passwords to fill in for everything from work to booking a holiday to even downloading a new app, it can be difficult to track which keyword you've used where. SplashID comes to the rescue and helps you stop hitting the 'forgotten password' button by storing all your account info in the cloud so that you can access it whenever you need to log in. And it links up with your home wifi network too so you can ensure that nobody will be able to intercept your data.

Available on Apple and Android

Stop… hitting snooze

With… Sleepbetter


As we've all heard countless times, the bedroom is no longer the restful sanctuary it used to be. Blue light from TVs and iPads are constantly interrupting our sleeping patterns, not to mention emails, texts and phonecalls from those phones that we keep far too close to our beds. The only way to stop your phone actually making your sleep time worse seems to be by using it as a tool to improve your sleep. Apps like Sleepbetter are the key to this, offering a tracking system where you turn your phone face down on your pillow and it tracks when you're in the lightest sleep to wake you grogginess-free. It also offers graphs so you can see how you slept - and even a place to record your dreams if you're constantly getting shouted down when trying to tell people about them.

Available on Apple

Stop… overthinking

With… Headspace


Mindfulness seems to be the solution to all of our modern day problems and anxieties. But as it's a solution to stress, if you're stressed, it can be difficult to remember to be mindful. Which of course defeats the point of mindfulness completely. But apps like Headspace make time for you to switch off and wind down. Offering a "gym for the mind", it gives a list of systems to choose from so that if you're a mindfulness convert there are meditation sessions you can download to keep your routines up to date, but if you're a sceptic looking for a new way to switch off, you are guaranteed to be converted by its straight talking advice on keeping your mind healthy and easy-to-use routines.

Available on Apple and Android

Stop... phubbing

With... IFTTT


There should be a name for the digital fatigue that comes from co-ordinating everything between different apps. Once you've got around to arranging a meal with friends, found a day where everyone's free and booked a restaurant, typing it all into your phone calendar and asking it to remind you the day before seems like the last straw. But IFTTT aims to solve that. It stands for 'if this then that', and means that you can set your phone up with certain rules like 'if I send an email with "booking" in the subject, set a reminder in my calendar', or 'if I post a photo on Instagram, also post it on on Twitter' (as opposed to posting a link, as Instagram's share button does) even down to 'if the Weather app says it will rain tomorrow, send me a reminder'. Which means you can spend less time flicking between apps, ignoring your friends and partner, and get on with your life.

Available on Apple and Android

Images: Rex Features/Villoid, Rex Features, Headspace, pagelizard.com



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