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The Killing Trilogy DVD Boxset Released


Sarah Lund is hanging up her famed Nordic knitwear and completing her last case in Danish crime drama The Killing. But those mourning the third and final series currently airing on BBC Four will be pleased to know that very single episode of the cult show will be released in a special edition DVD boxset, just in time for Christmas.

To mark the occasion, a new trailer encouraging viewers to "Say goodbye to Sarah Lund" has been released - take a look below for Sarah's finest moments.

If you haven't been sucked in by The Killing, or the current vogue for Nordic Noire crime dramas (see Borgen and The Bridge), maybe Christmas is the time to settle down with a box set and get stuck in.

The Killing Series III and The Killing Trilogy is released on DVD on Monday December 17


The Killing.jpg

Meet the star of The Killing


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