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The top apps to help you get organised


Saying that modern life is busy is something of an understatement, and it can be easy to slip in to the trap of assuming that because we're digitally connected 24/7 we're always on top of things. But with so many balls to juggle between our home lives, our work lives, friends and family, it can be difficult to stay organised without the right tools at hand.

So here are our favourite apps that you can download onto your iPhone or Android to keep everything organised from your spending to how you use your phone itself.

Remember The Milk

This is the ultimate to-do list - adding in time, locations and relevant phone contacts to any task from buying milk (hence the name) to arranging a meeting, it syncs with your calendar, GPS and contacts to send you reminders. These come either on the app, via text or email when the deadline is drawing near, or when you're near the shop, office or friend's house where you need to remember to get something done. You'll never forget anything again.

Free for Apple and Android devices

Spending Tracker

Keeping track of your finances is never fun, but this app can at least make it easy. Simply fill in incoming and outgoing expenses, which can be organised into different categories (food, travel, entertainment and so on), and you will be presented with weekly, monthly or yearly charts showing you where your money's going, so you can also set a budget. It's handy whether you just want to cut down on your lunch expenses or are saving for a house.

£0.69 for Apple and Android devices

Home Routines

Looking after your house often falls to the bottom of the priority list - after a hard day at work, who wants to be scrubbing the floor? But this app lets you fill in your cleaning duties and will remind you when something needs doing (such as when the bins need taking out), breaking it down into smaller, achievable tasks, so you don't get faced with a mountain of spring cleaning every weekend when you'd rather be relaxing.

£2.99 for Apple devices

If This Then That

Too many apps on your phone? If This Then That (or IFTTT) helps you actually make use of them. Putting in simple commands, such as "if I take a picture, then upload it to Facebook", or "if the weather app tells me it's going to rain, then notify me" means that you actually make use of all the devices on your phone, without spending hours flicking between applications.

Free for Apple and Android devices

Inbox Cube

Most of us have more than one email address - a work one, a personal one and sometimes an alternative one. This app allows you to sync all of those emails into one inbox, and organise them into "cubes" depending on what's in them. So you may still have your old email address because your mum uses it to send you pictures, but everything else in there counts as spam, but the app will add the pictures to your photo cube, making it a lot easier to find attachments quickly.

Free for Apple devices


Evernote is a notebook on your phone. Allowing you to add pictures, text, or attachments, you can create a to-do list, or just jot down ideas and thoughts. It works across your computer and phone or tablet, meaning you can find a document you added at work on the go, or snap a photo that will appear on your desktop when you need it. You can also search through your notes to find something quickly - giving it an edge on a traditional jotter or scrapbook.

Free for Apple and Android devices


This food-tracking app is fantastic if you don't have a lot of time to cook or plan meals. You tell it what you're eating, and it asks how you felt after the meal, then breaks down how eating various ingredients makes you feel, with an aim of helping you to eat healthily based on your own preferences. Calories aren't included so while it's great if you're on a diet, it's also a simple way to eat better food for you, or find out if you have an intolerance to a food group, guilt trip free.

Free for Apple devices


Planning to meet up with friends often is more stressful than organising meetings - finding a date and location and discussing it on endless email or Facebook threads can often result in plans being last minute. But WePopp changes that - you use it to create an event with alternative times and dates and locations that everybody can vote on, making decisions easier and quicker. The event can be sent via email, text or Facebook, so you don't need to make your friends download it before using it.

Free for Apple and Android devices

Battery Life Magic Pro

At last, a solution to asking to charge your phone behind a bar or searching coffee shops for plug outlets. This app assesses your phone's battery life and advises you how many minutes of battery are left for phone calls, internet use and so on as well as giving you advice on how to keep your battery going for longer. A lifesaver if you're always forgetting to bring a charger.

£0.69 for Apple devices


If you travel a lot, it can be difficult to keep track of all your train booking emails, hotel reservations and so on. Tripit cleverly scans through your emails and organises reservations into itineraries. So whether you've just booked a holiday with a flight, transport from the airport, a trip out and a restaurant reservation, it will show you your plans in one place with any extra information such as reference numbers, saving you a lot of time digging through emails.

Free for Apple and Android devices



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