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This badass 89-year-old woman is the world’s oldest working surgeon


Prepare to meet your new hero: a totally badass, 89-year-old woman who is officially the world’s oldest working surgeon.

Alla, who lives in Russia, has performed no less than 10,000 operations throughout her career – and brilliantly, she is showing no signs of slowing down.

For the last 67 years, she has followed the exact same working pattern, heading to the hospital four days a week to start her shift at 8am.

"I have nothing to do in retirement,” she told charity Age UK

“Doctor, it’s not just a profession, it’s a way of life."

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Even when she is not working, Alla spends her time caring for her nephew, who is disabled.

And her incredible dedication and contribution to the medical profession has recently been celebrated, with the country awarding her the prestigious prize of Russia’s best doctor.

Since being shared on Age UK’s Facebook page yesterday, Alla’s story has led to an outpouring of admiration, with the post garnering nearly two and a half thousand likes and over 500 shares (at the time of writing). Users have been praising the surgeon as “wonderful” and “amazing” while applauding her dedication to her work.

You can see the full post below.


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