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There’s now a word for that creepy Tinder-Instagram crossover

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Any foray into online dating (or, often, into any online space at all) runs the risk of unsolicited explicit pictures and disturbing messages from complete strangers.

Now a term has been coined for a very specific issue that can rear its ugly head when Tinder users swipe left on someone’s profile: Tindstagramming.

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Did you turn someone down on the dating app only for them to find and contact you on Instagram?

Well, nymag.com has a name for that: being Tindstagrammed, otherwise known as those times when there’s been no match on Tinder, yet someone who saw your profile has decided the best next step is to slide into your direct messages on the image-sharing site. Because you clearly made a swiping mistake and they like the look of you, so it’s time to chat.

When an Instagram account is linked to Tinder, as users have been able to do since 2015, prospective matches can see the handle even if their target has not swiped right.

It would be annoying, but perhaps more easily dealt with if it was safe to assume that the contact would be polite, and a second rejection was going to be accepted with no fuss.

But this is the internet, and given that the people employing this approach have now got a history of not taking no for an answer (by ignoring the swipe left), we’d say chances of an adult exchange ending in a satisfactory manner are slim to none.

And the chances of receiving unsettling and intrusive messages, or a rapid escalation into aggression?

Yeah, this is the world wide web, after all.

It should go without saying that this approach is at best creepy and unlikely to endear oneself to a person who has already made a decision about not being in contact, and at worst stalkerish, upsetting, aggressive behaviour – but apparently it still does need saying given how often it occurs.

Another one for the good old dating ‘trends’ archive (trends = ‘ridiculous things some people do instead of having an adult conversation’)...

Images: iStock / Daria Nepriakhina


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