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Unusual wedding venues

Unusual UK wedding venues

Weird & wonderful places to tie the knot

Finding a good venue is top of most bride-to-bes' to do list, but selecting somewhere that stands out from the rest is easier said than done. Long gone are the days of a simple hotel buffet and now weddings rarely come without elaborate planning and attention to detail, with emphasis on personality and an original slant.

It's becoming harder to find somewhere that's really unique - but not impossible. Below, we've selected 25 British wedding venues that think outside the box and refuse to conform to ceremonial norms. From aquariums to whisky vaults, subterranean lakes to Norman keeps, these places are a far cry from your average stately home or golf club. Click on to find out more...

Please note: Not all these venues come with a marriage licence but those that don't are suitable for non-legal blessings and parties. We'll make it clear when that's the case

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