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Everyone is obsessed with these sellout products from Urban Outfitters Home


When it comes to pretty things we want, our wish lists know no bounds.

And with the amount of incredible décor-inspo filling up our Instagram feeds lately, we’ve been pressing ‘save’ on more dreamy rooms than you could shake a throw cushion at.

String lights and wall hangings have been creeping their way up our pay-day Pinterest boards – with one shop more responsible than most for giving us homeware hysteria.

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Urban Outfitters gets a thumbs up from us on all counts, but their home section has recently upped its game. We already knew that no mere mortal could resist the temptation of a tiny cactus – but as it turns out, succulents aren’t one of the shop’s bestselling products.


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That’s right, we’ve got the inside scoop on the bestselling homeware items at Urban Outfitters. As you’re a bunch that like to be in the know, here’s a heads-up on this summer’s most popular pieces – sure to make you the envy of all your pals come your next gathering.

1) The neon sign

Sundays well spent... 😴😴 #UOHome #UOEurope #UrbanOutfitters

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Speaking of that next gathering, what makes a house party cooler than your average house party? Ironic decorations of course! With this neon sign comes the opportunity to become the source of many a LOL, and possibly even Insta-story famous as your friends struggle to resist re-shaping it into rude words, and broadcasting their antics to the world.

The ample photo opportunities it’s bound to provide make it worth that price tag and it looks pretty easy to use too.

Make Your Own Neon Effect Sign Kit, £15, urbanoutfitters.com


2) The marble duvet set

Urban Outfitters

Chic, monochrome and so very on trend – this marble bedding doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This duvet set instantly gives your bedroom the cool factor, making it an easy (and affordable) way to stamp some personality on your rented flat. 

Keep it minimalist with some small metallic accents and a few plants, or build up pattern with layers of cushions – of which Urban Outfitters is also a master.

Marble Print Duvet Set, £30-£50, urbanoutfitters.com

​​​​​​3) The disco pineapple sipper cup

Behold – a large, golden, mirrored pineapple that you can store alcohol in. YAY.

Is this not the most fabulous receptacle you could ever hope to drink your beverages out of? Judging by the fact that it has the word ‘disco’ in its name, we can only imagine that fun in all forms ensues from using it.

The Urban Outfitters website suggests sipping on it when at the beach, but why stop there? We’re promoting using this as a full-time water bottle-slash-cocktail cup. From sunrise to sunset, morning commute to nightclub – you won’t see us without our giant, sparkly, fruit cup from now on.

This glorious disco pineapple, to use its proper name, will set you back £12 and comes with insulation designed to keep your beverages chilled. 

Disco Pineapple Sipper Cup, £12, urbanoutfitters.com


All products are currently in stock and ready to be yours, but be quick about it as they have a habit of selling out faster than ice pops in a heat wave. 

Images: Urban Outfitters / iStock



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