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Vegans put off a third of potential dates, study finds


It's safe to say vegans are not having a good year.

First Italy drafted a bill proposing to jail parents who raised their children without animal products in their diet, then TV chef Gianfranco Vissani described veganism as a sect and suggested that all vegans be killed.

As if threats of jail and death weren't bad enough, Sainsbury's then (sort of) renamed its dairy-free cheese "Gary" at the bidding of a meat-eater's online rant last month.

Now it's being suggested that shunning meat and dairy also equates to a lower chance of finding love.

Research carried out by dating app Trueview.me has found that 34% of single meat-eaters admitted they would not date a vegan, with men being most put off by the lack of meat on a dining companion's plate.

natalie portman

A-list vegan: Natalie Portman's not single, but if she was she'd have less chance of finding love, apparently

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In another blow to healthy living singletons, the study of 1,000 people found that 11% of participants would also rather not date a non-drinker.

It wasn't all bad news for healthy living, with 28% admitting they would not go out with someone who ate too much junk food and 21% said over-indulging in alcohol was their biggest turn off.

How diet impacts on dating chances, according to the study:

  • 77% of singletons wouldn’t give up meat for a partner
  • 34% won't date a vegan
  • 28% are put off by junk-food lovers
  • 21% will say no to romance with people who drink too much alcohol
  • 19.5% would turn down a second date with a fussy eater
  • 11% would rather not date tee-totallers 



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