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'It was the most challenging part I've ever done' Watch Jennifer Aniston in new Cake trailer


The trailer for indie drama Cake, in which Jennifer Aniston is set to give her most emotional performance yet, has been released. 

The video shows the actress portraying Claire Simmons, a scathing woman addicted to pain killers after a car accident. 

She begins obsessing over a suicide victim (played by Anna Kendrick) from her support group and initiates a dubious relationship with the widower (Sam Worthington) while seeing hallucinations of his dead wife. 

Aniston, 45, is tipped for an Oscar for her role, which required her to forgo make-up, apply scars, have greasy hair and wear bulky clothing. 

The part is a significant departure from her typically lighter characters in comedies, from her long-running role as Rachel Green on Friends to big-screen appearances in Horrible Bosses and We're The Millers.

Jennifer Aniston in Cake

Jennifer Aniston in Cake

"It was the most challenging part I've ever done, and also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling. There was struggle involved," Aniston recently told American Harper's Bazaar. "You know, I don't know if I would have been able to do it five or 10 years ago. But I was ready to challenge myself." 

"I remember the first day of shooting when I had to be outside, and it was not my most appealing look, it was kind of horrific. But I had this weird freedom. Now I'm like, 'Well, it doesn't get worse than that.' You have to not care, because I was starting to feel very isolated and trapped because I didn't want someone to get a stupid picture or whatever."

The star failed to receive a nod from the Independent Spirit Awards nominations this week - usually a sign of the Academy Award contenders to come - but we'll keep our fingers crossed for her.

Watch Jennifer Aniston in Cake in the trailer below.

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