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Watch: seven-year-old amputee's friends have best reaction to her new prosthetic leg

anu amputee leg.JPG

In these dark days of 2017, it takes a lot to warm the cockles of our cold, cold hearts.

But a seven-year-old girl from Birmingham has managed to do just that, after receiving the best reaction from her friends as she proudly showed them her new prosthetic leg.

Anu, from Birmingham, was captured on camera as she bounded into her school’s playground to debut the new, hot pink sports blade, which was greeted with amazement by her friends.

Gathering around the little girl and shouting her name, the group looked on as she flexed the blade, with one asking, "is that your new pink leg?" while another simply exclaimed, “wow!”

Two of the friends enveloped Anu in a hug before the delighted group set off on a sprint around the playground, which ended with Anu holding hands with a friend as they marched around in the sunshine.

The heartwarming video, which was shared on Twitter by BBC Midlands (below), has quickly gone viral, amassing 27,000 retweets and 44,000 favourites (at the time of writing).

Anu, who had her leg amputated shortly after she was born, received the blade from the NHS after it was allocated a fund of £500,000 last year to finance new sports prosthetics for 500 children.

The new prosthetics allow amputees like Anu to run, jump, swim and dance, whereas before they would only aid walking.

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And Anu, who was supported by the West Midlands rehabilitation centre, revealed she is thrilled with her new blade.

In a video interview with the BBC she says she is excited to have the new blade because, “it makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster," before going on to show off her new moves.

You can watch the full clip below.

Images: BBC


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