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Watch strangers kiss for the first time


In the words of Jarvis Cocker: 'do you remember the first time?' Your first kiss, that is?

Perhaps you can't remember snogging a spotty 14-year-old outside the Friday night youth club, after too many swigs of cider, but we bet you remember how awkward it was.

As if that memory alone wasn't enough to make you go into the fetal position, clutching your knees as you roll back and forth, how about watching other people do it?

Fashion label Wren has taken this experience and created a whole film so you can watch 10 strangers making out for the first time.

The brand commissioned videographer Tatia Pilieva to shoot various strangers, just introduced, sharing their first kiss, and the process of them building up to the lip-locking is as cringe-worthy as you'd imagine.

Many of them look into each other's eyes and introduce themselves in an embarrassed sort of way. Later on we see them all proper pashing, and some really go for it. Others look like they're not that into it and some seem to enjoy it (exhibitionists, we imagine).

Did you get as embarrassed as us, or did you enjoy watching this?



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