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Hundreds of women wore their wedding dresses to work today– but why?

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For many women, it’s the most expensive dress they’ll ever wear.

But, once the wedding is over, what on earth are you supposed to do with the bridal gown?

Well, unless you’re Samantha Burns (aka the bride who dons her wedding dress each year for her anniversary), probably not a lot; they’re often too fancy for daywear, too much of a statement for a night out, and a little Mrs Havisham to wear around the house.

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Which is why #WeddingDressWednesday has gone down such a storm with former brides.

Taking place today (Wednesday 21 September), hundreds of women across Ireland have dusted off their wedding dresses and donned them for work, for a trip to the supermarket, or just for a walk down the road.

And it’s all to raise money for a very important cause.

Today FM, the brains behind the Dare To Care scheme, explain on their website: “Basically, we want you to drag that wedding dress out of the back of the press, get it cleaned and wear it again (and get people to sponsor you a few bob to do it to make up for the shame of it all!)

“Wear it to work or whatever you'll be doing on Wednesday 21st of Sept.  Wear it with pride knowing that you are going to be part of something amazing and raising lots of money for the Irish Cancer Society with Today FM's Dare to Care

“Get the ladies in your office involved so you're not alone, get your sisters and friends on board and don't pretend you don't want to put it on again and relieve all those happy memories.”

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They add: “At this stage, we've all seen how cancer affects our friends and family and even if you haven't been touched directly by it, you'll know how important the Irish Cancer Society is to those who are going through it.

“Help us raise money to fund these important services and do something fun in the process.”

Shauna O’Reilly, from the station’s The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, was the one who came up with the idea originally.

And, despite the fact she’s never been married, she previosuly explained that she was definitely going to take part anyway.

She told Her.ie that a bridal shop has loaned her a wedding dress for the big day – and that she fully intends to wear it to work, before hopping on the 15 bus to Rathgar.

She said: “Dare to Care is all about challenging yourself and doing something out of your comfort zone to fundraise for brilliant cause that is the Irish Cancer Society.

“And let me tell you, as a single woman who is 6ft tall, walking down the streets of Dublin in a wedding dress is out of my comfort zone.”

We look forward to seeing the photos…

To sign up to the Dare To Care campaign, visit the Today FM website now.


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