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Why we love our libraries


From settling down to story-time in our youth, to whiling away the hours discovering forgotten classics, the humble library holds a dear place in our hearts.

Library-love clearly resonates with some of our favourite writers too, as Stephen Fry, Caitlin Moran, Lucy Mangan, and more have joined forces to create The Library Book, a love letter to our libraries, released just in time for National Libraries Day this Saturday (4 February).

As we know Stylist readers are avid bookworms, we wanted you to join in, so asked for your stories and memories of why you love libraries on Twitter.

So many heartfelt tweets flooded in (from behind-the-bookshelf snogs to discovering a particular author) that we gathered them all on Storify - check the feed below for a real library love-in.

There's still time to contribute, so tweet us why #ilovemylibrary @StylistMagazine to join in, and we'll add it to Storify! Alternatively, add your story to the comments below. Now where's that library pass...



The Library Book


Cult books of 2012


Books of the year 2011



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