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These boozy cocktail baubles will make yours a very merry Christmas tree

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It’s been a rough 2016, so it makes sense that people are more than ready to embrace all the decadence and booziness of Christmas.

Everyone went positively wild for the ultra-exclusive gin baubles that Pickering’s have on offer, and the waiting list for their pretty glass decs has already reached mammoth lengths.

So, in a bid to save Christmas for all those unable to get their mitts on one, we‘ve done a little digging – and we’ve discovered that there’s a batch of cocktail baubles on the market, too. As in, three different cocktails hanging off your tree – all of which involve wine.

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The brightly coloured decorations come as a set of three in bold traffic light hues; there’s a vivid green one, an amber one, and a festive red number, too. And, as you may have guessed, each colour represents the cocktail hidden inside it.

Think a Cranberry Cosmoplitan, a Mango Daiquiri, and a Lime Margarita – all of which simply require a quick chill in the fridge beforr you pop them open and guzzle them down.

It’s certainly a fun adult twist on the traditional chocolate decorations, isn’t it?

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The set is available for just £5, which is cheaper than a single measly drink in most London cocktail bars.

It goes without saying that they’re probably going to sell out very quickly indeed, so we recommend that you ready your sleigh and coax your reindeer into galloping a little faster than normal. Or, if you’re feeling a little creative, you could always invest in a set of hollow bauble flasks for your tree.

To make them as boozy and bright as the gin and cocktail creations, all you have to do is pick your favourite spirits, fill up your decs, seal the lids, and tie them to your tree – that way you can re-use them again, year after year, and spread festive cheer to all. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like (a very messy) Christmas...


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