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36 of the most badass moments from the Women's March

Last Saturday, less than 24 hours after Donald Trump was officially sworn in as President of the United States, millions of demonstrators from around the world took to the streets in support of women’s rights.

The first show of strength began with the Women’s March on Washington before sister marches sprung up across the globe, with some 650 protests taking part in seven continents.

As demonstrators made their feelings known across every corner of the globe, from Nairobi to London, a powerful message was sent to Trump: we will not be silent.

And while we couldn’t possibly begin to record every incredible moment from the day, here we have selected 36 of the most badass and memorable. 

Simply scroll through to see the highlights.

Images: Rex, Getty, Twitter


stylist march.JPG

Women’s March: the inspiring and badass signs, banners, and placards


Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson’s new film is inspired by Donald Trump

obama final letter.jpg

Obama pens moving farewell letter to the US people


Elisabeth Moss isn’t done with powerful dramas about women’s rights

Call Jane is set to be as relevant for Trump's America as its 60s setting

by Amy Swales
20 Sep 2017

Why that Doctor Foster conversation is so incredibly important

We really need to talk about last night’s episode…

by Kayleigh Dray
20 Sep 2017

This is the one thing people would rather have than a pay rise

And it makes us a lot happier

by Susan Devaney
20 Sep 2017

Man recreates Chandler proposal so he can ask Friends fan to marry him

And he did it in the actual Friends apartment, too

by Kayleigh Dray
20 Sep 2017

Bake Off viewers are genuinely furious over THAT ‘shock twist’ ending

“Is there no justice in this world?”

by Kayleigh Dray
20 Sep 2017

Students told to submit dresses for approval ahead of school dance

“These are the roots of rape culture, frankly”

by Amy Swales
19 Sep 2017

This is why hardly any men are taking shared parental leave in the UK

Women are still doing the lion’s share of childcare, while men go out to work

by Moya Crockett
19 Sep 2017

Woman finally approaches rush-hour crush, ends up marrying him

She waited a year for him to notice her – and then she took matters into her own hands

by Kayleigh Dray
19 Sep 2017

Dreaming of buying a French Bulldog? Read this first

The secret cost of that Instagram-perfect pup

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19 Sep 2017

Cookie dough fans, your perfect store is coming to London

We HAVE to try the cookie dough clouds

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19 Sep 2017