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From balloon rides at sunrise to zip wires in China; the Stylist team recount their most memorable holiday moments


We've on countless occasions, that holidays are hugely beneficial for our health. But how often do we really take that advice?

Most of us find ourselves stuck in the classic vicious cycle: an endless quest to save up all our annual leave, carefully clasping onto each day in the fear that we might use them all up too soon then, in reality, reaching December and ending up with two weeks that we don’t actually have time to take - and can't carry over. 

Here, at Stylist for our Year of You campaign, we’ve been on a mission to show you how important it is to take a break – and head off on holiday – rather than twiddling your thumbs until the last minute, or cashing in your annual leave.

Whether it be taking a few days off for me-time, heading off to the countryside for a staycation or going on a wild adventure with a group of friends, you can’t put a price on the value of holidays (other than, well, the actual price).

With that in mind, we asked the Stylist team to recount their favourite holiday moments and how they made them feel.


Sarah and Frank the Falcon

Stylist.co.uk writer, Sarah Biddlecombe told us that, for her, “being there in that moment was such a feeling of escapism….it’s just you and nature. It’s such an amazing feeling and it’s not something you get to do very often.”

Digital editor, Anna Brech, said that being able to go away provides a new  lease of life:

“It takes that going away to get a little perspective on your day-to-day life. Perhaps realising where things aren’t quite going well or how you can freshen things up.”

From rogue falcons to taking zip wires down the great wall of china and adventures in India. Balloon rides in China, here are Stylist magazine’s favourite holiday moments.

If this doesn’t tempt you to take a break, we don’t know what will. 



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