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Why the internet loved Adele’s low-key wedding announcement


Adele has confirmed that she has tied the knot with long-time partner Simon Konecki – and she made sure to do it in an entirely refreshing manner.

During a concert in Australia, the 28-year-old singer finally confirmed she’s married to 42-year-old Konecki. 

Speaking about her hit song, Someone Like You, she said: “I could see in their eyes as they were listening to it on their headphones that it reminded them of something or someone. I was trying to remember how it was I felt at the beginning of the relationship that inspired that record because as bad as a breakup can be, as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on Earth, and I am addicted to that feeling.”

She added: “Obviously, I can’t go through with those feelings because I’m married now. I’ve found my next person.”

It’s not the first time that Adele has subtly addressed her nuptials.

Earlier this year, the Hello singer walked away from the 2017 Grammy Awards with an armful of bling for her trophy cabinet, including the hugely-coveted gong for Best Album of the Year.

It was a controversial choice, as many had assumed that the award would go to Beyoncé for her ground-breaking work on Lemonade. And Adele, a self-confessed fan of Queen Bey, was among them. So, rather than listing off a series of thank-you messages from a bland and pre-prepared speech, Adele strode onto the stage, snapped her award in half, and declared that Bey deserved it more.

But, with everyone so focused on her comments about Bey, Adele’s wedding announcement – which she made mid-speech – went almost entirely unnoticed.

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“My manager, my husband, and my son,” said the 28 year old, gesturing at her partner Simon Konecki.

“You’re the only reason I do this.”

Konecki, who is the father of Adele’s four-year-old son, Angelo, proposed to the singer in October last year.

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A few months later, Adele was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills with a gold band on her wedding finger. At the time, her rep had no comment on rumours she had married in secret – but now it seems as if Adele has confirmed the news herself.

And, as ever, she’s done it on her own terms.

Adele kisses Simon Konecki at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Adele kisses Simon Konecki at the 2017 Grammy Awards

The musician has always made a point of keeping her personal life just that; personal.

In January 2013, she pointedly refused to share her baby son’s name with the public. Throughout her five-year relationship with Konecki, she has worked hard to keep their love out of the spotlight.

And, last year, Adele purchased a home in Beverly Hills, California, with the intention of making a “quiet life away from the spotlight” with her partner and her son.

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Speaking briefly to Vanity Fair about her relationship Konecki, 42, Adele said: “It’s the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in; we’ve got a child together and we live together,” she said.

“After releasing my first album, all the other people I ever was with were so insecure about themselves—they couldn’t handle it at all. When I try to describe this to my friends they don’t always get it, because they go out with people that are our age, but Simon is already who he is, and I’m still becoming who I’m going to be. He’s confident. He’s perfect.”

She added: “If my relationship with Simon or my relationship with Angelo started to flounder a bit now, I would pull out of my tour.

“My life is more important to me than anything I’m doing because how the f**k am I supposed to write a record if I don’t have a life? If I don’t have a real life, then it’s game over anyway.”

All of her decisions make one thing patently clear; Adele’s relationship with the public is entirely based on her talents as a singer.

She wants to be known for her career and for her opinions, rather than anything else – and she doesn’t need to seek validation for her relationship from anyone, thank you very much.

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