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Cara Delevingne interviews Kim Kardashian on coping with trolls, fame and the story behind North West's name


They're two of fashion's hottest names right now. Both have graced the cover of Vogue and both are known for saying and doing exactly as they please.

Which is why a conversation between Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian is nothing short of electric. In Love magazine's latest issue, Delevingne, 22, becomes a guest editor and hosts a candid interview with Kim Kardashian about fame, cyber bullies and the story behind daughter North West's name.

“Social media is the thing that scares me, not the cameras,” says Kim, 34, when asked about her biggest worries in life. “How many kids do you see that hang themselves or kill themselves because of cyber bullying, and it is so sad that there is no filter to catch the disgusting things that people write. Not just celebrities but normal kids.

You can really destroy someone’s spirit. I see everything from death threats to calling people ‘fat’. In some ways I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t — if I don’t post photos of North I get abuse about not ‘sharing her’, if I do, people accuse me of selling her out," she continues.

“I remember a picture I posted of North in a towel having had one of her first swims and she had just taken her first steps and I was so excited. This one comment I remember said, ‘I hope she drowns and dies’. And I’m like, shocked. Who raised that person? Who would write that?

Finishing touches by my new make up artist

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Kim Kardashian shares a picture with her daughter North on Instagram

One thing Kim has mastered is dealing with the constant speculation and rumours from the press. “A lot of journalists have a preconceived notion of what I am and what I represent, so I like to prove them wrong,” she says.

“What is the biggest misconception about you?” Cara asks.

“It’s funny as I used to really care,” Kim replies. “I think there are so many misconceptions that where do I begin? When I see something like, ‘They were rude at the Lanvin show’, it makes me laugh. Apparently we were backstage talking with Alber [Elbaz] and held up the show but we never heard that.

“People just make up these stories. Journalists, present company excluded, are just lazy and don’t get all the facts. It annoys me whenever someone says, ‘What do you actually do?’ All I think is, ‘How are you so ignorant that you don’t know?’” 

Cara offers that when she was at school, “we used to have a box where you could put in comments about things you were thinking, but on social media you know that the things they write no one would ever dare say to your face”. Kim is firm about how she deals with negative comments, broadly ignoring trolls because she doesn’t want to give “mean people” any “power”.

Cara, who is close friends with Kim's half sister Kendall Jenner, moves onto a lighter topic, but nonetheless a question we've all wondered ourselves. 

“Random question," she says, "Why not South?” referring to the name of Kim Kardashian and partner Kanye West's daughter North West.

“I don’t like the name South...It came out in the press [about North] and I think people thought it was this joke: ‘oh, Kayne and Kim are going to name their kid North West!’” continues Kim. “But then we started to think about it seriously and I said to Kayne, I kind of like this little hippie name North.”

The 19-month old is one of the most famous toddlers around having joined her mother on the front row at fashion week and starred in a fashion shoot when she was just over a year old. But Kim admits trying to give her daughter a normal life away from fame is difficult.  

“Today,” she says, “we had to plot how to get my daughter out of the apartment to go and play in the park like a normal little girl. .. In the States we always have to go to private parks ...  and that sucks as I had such a normal childhood.”

Kim Kardashian with husband Kanye West at a Pre-Grammy Brunch last week

Kim Kardashian with husband Kanye West at a Pre-Grammy Brunch last week

“Do you think you’ll be famous forever? Or do you fear the fame will disappear?” Cara asks.

“I don’t really fear anything,” Kim insists. “If you had asked me that a couple of years ago I would have given you a different answer. But if it all stopped tomorrow I would be totally fine with that. I would move to Paris and just have a quiet life.”

“I think when you find peace with someone finally and someone you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, and you have a family, nothing else matters. I would be worried if fame lasted for ever — you hope for some sort of normality at some stage.”

Towards the end of the interview, Cara turned the conversation right around asking a few cheeky quick fire questions.

“Have you ever had a same-sex experience?” she asks.

“I have not.”

“Is it not on your bucket list?”

“It’s not, actually,” replies Kim.

“Would you not try anything once?” Cara insists. 

“I don’t need to do everything once,” Kim says. “I have never had the urge. I am not that way inclined.”

Moving on, Cara asks “What is your favourite underwear?”

“I only just started wearing underwear a month ago, and I never wore underwear until then. I like Hanky Panky underwear,” says Kim.

“I like Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers — a great brand. I just started wearing Spanx...They have crotchless ones also,” adds Cara.

Kim replies: “Oh, the ones where you can pee? But I always pee all over my Spanx, it’s a disaster. They aren’t crotchless enough!”

Images: Rex Features, Instagram



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