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Celebrity teens on the red carpet and beyond

It's tough being a teenager. Not only do you want to carve out your own personality, you're also desperate to belong and be exactly like you're friends. See, it's a confusing time.

Now imagine you're a celebrity as well. That would be pretty tricky, we wager. Not only do you have the usual teenage worries of bad hair, spotty skin and the right amount of black khol to make you look moody enough, you've also got to contend with photographers and journalists documenting you're every move.

And, in case you're wondering, that's WAY worse than your mum just taking a couple of pictures of you before you go out with your friends to an underage disco. At least the whole world won't see those.

But despite all that, here are 20 celebrities as teenagers who managed to make being on the red carpet in their adolescent years look easy, and not a scowl in sight.

(Images: Rex Features and Getty)



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