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Dear Mr Terrorist: French beauty blogger speaks out against Nice terror attack


A Muslim beauty vlogger who lives in Nice has created a video addressing the terrorists who attacked her hometown on July 14.

In her latest YouTube post, entitled 'Dear Mr Terrorist', 20-year-old Maroua Bekkouche - who goes by the name The Doll Beauty - took a break from her usual make-up and fashion-themed videos in order to condemn the actions of those who carry out terrorist attacks in France and around the world.

Bekkouche, who was born in Algeria and moved to France with her family aged three, explains that the Islamic values that she was taught growing up hold no relation to those professed by extremists.

“So, you claiming to be the protector of Islam, you claim the will to die as a martyr, you claim to be a miscreant hunter and killer,” she says in the video, which she shared with over 760,000 subscribers on July 17. 

Just three days earlier, terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day on Nice's Promenade des Anglais, killing 84 people and leaving hundreds injured. The horrific event came after a string of terrorist attacks in France and many other countries.

“You know pretty well that you don’t have any right or duty on people’s lives... I forbid you, in the name of all Muslims to associate your cruel, barbaric, inhuman acts to our beautiful religion which is Islam,” says Bekkouche.

Going on to address the common misconceptions of Islam, she continues: “Let me tell you that these people, these ‘martyrs’ have nothing in common with Muslims and are not Muslims OK.

“Islam conveys peace not hate, it conveys tolerance not fanaticism, Islam conveys joy and sharing not murder.”

She concludes her powerful message by encouraging hope not hate: “We have to… show this dear Mr. Terrorist that we are strong together and not divided because wake up! That’s exactly what he wants... We will stand together, united, and do the thing you fight against for so long. Live our life! Smile, laugh, love. Simply, live.”

The video has now gone viral, racking up over a million views since it was published just over a week ago. Watch it in full below.



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