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“Why are women such doormats when it comes to friendship?”


Why Trump’s win proves the feminist fight must go on

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An open letter to what should have been the first female US leader

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“Be brave, be fearless”: a letter to my daughter on President Trump


Why feminism is the real winner in this extraordinary US election

On November 8th, here's why feminists should all be celebrating

by The Stylist web team
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“Criminalising purchase would be a danger to sex workers”


“Unladylike” Gigi and why women always get blamed for acts of violence

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“Why our stale working culture feeds a gaping gender pay gap"


“Women winning medals? Let’s just focus on their looks!”

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Why it's time to stamp out Britain's sexist inheritance rules

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“Why it’s time to put a stop to banter in the workplace ”

“We’ve put up and shut up for too long”

by Molly Lynch
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Politician Sophie Walker on overcoming Imposter Syndrome


“Why letting MPs breastfeed in the Commons is the only way forward”

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Why has it taken this long for another woman to rise to the top?


Why we should all do more to support other women at work

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“Let female politicians put an end to this Brexit chaos”