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Why everyone’s calling Emily Thornberry the “queen of sass” after election night

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There may be no clear winner of this year’s general election, but Emily Thornberry has been bestowed the great honour of ‘Queen of Sass’ following an incredible interview with David Dimbleby.

During a night which saw Theresa May’s ‘snap’ gamble end in a hung parliament, relatively early on many experts began to suggest that Labour – under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – could form the next government.

Sitting down with Dimbleby to discuss this possibility, however, Thornberry soon became tired of the BBC presenter’s repetitive questioning. So, when he asked her one time too many as to how Labour would avoid a “coalition of chaos”, Thornberry decided it was time to hit back.

And she employed all of her sass levels to ensure she completely and utterly owned him, too.

Tilting her head to one side, Thornberry asked: “Have you been asking any Tory MPs [that] given the situation they’re now in?

“That they may be in the situation where they are heading for a coalition of chaos?” 

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Seemingly bewildered at the concept of answering a question himself, veteran interviewer Dimbleby replied: “Well no… they all say they’re going to have a majority.” 

It was at this point that Thornberry began to smile like a Cheshire Cat. And a Cheshire Cat that’s got the cream, no less.

“Well, there we are,” she replied. “They have been saying that all the time, haven’t they? What was their majority going to be? It was going to be 100 wasn’t it, or 120, or 150 seats. 

“That’s clearly wrong, wasn’t it?”

As Dimbleby floundered, Thornberry decided to – rather magnanimously – throw him a lifeline. “Let’s see what happens,” she said simply.

Cue Twitter exploding into a riotous celebration of Thornberry’s newfound status as an “absolute hero”.


Some, however, claimed that Thornberry was “drunk” or “high” during the interview – claims which her online cheerleaders were quick to respond to in force.


It’s worth pointing out that, during an interview in which she was asked thought-provoking questions, Thornberry continued to hold her own.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary sat down with Sky News to discuss the projected hung parliament, and said that she saw it as grounds for Theresa May to resign.

She said: “Just think, only seven weeks ago the hubris of the Prime Minister who was 20 points ahead, who wanted to have a blank cheque, she wanted to do whatever she wanted with the country with Brexit, with the economy, with our National Health Service and we said no and we meant it.

“And we put forward a popular manifesto with a leader of the party who has withstood the most extraordinary personal attacks, and has actually shown if anybody was strong and stable it was him.”

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When asked what Labour intended to do next, Thornberry continued: “We will see what happens next but if the Labour Party is called on to provide the next government, we will do so and do it in a unified way under a popular manifesto... with a leader who is strong.”

BBC exit poll analysis currently predicts that the Conservatives are set to win 318 seats, and Labour 262.

The SNP are predicted 35, the Liberal Democrats are on 12, and the Green Party have one so far.

With this result, some form of minority or coalition government is now becoming increasingly likely.

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