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“Vindicated” Diane Abbott silences critics with biggest ever majority vote

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While none of the parties managed to secure a majority vote in this year’s shock general election, there were still victories being celebrated this morning.

Not only do we now have more female MPs in parliament than ever before, but we also have our first female Sikh MP, Preet Gill, taking her place at Westminster.

And, elsewhere, there’s plenty to celebrate for MP Diane Abbott, who has claimed her biggest ever majority in Hackney North.

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The shadow home secretary, who has temporarily stepped down from her position due to illness, smashed a 35,139 vote majority on her Conservative rival, Amy Ryan, in the early hours of this morning.

A jubilant Abbott said the contest had been “defined by the politics of personal destruction” but that “we formed a positive campaign here in Hackney and we have been vindicated”.

And taking to Twitter (below), Abbott wrote, “Humbled to receive an increased majority of over 35,000 in Hackney North & Stoke Newington. A vote for hope and a better Britain.”

The result comes after a turbulent few days for Abbott, who was on the receiving end of a vicious social media storm after making a number of disastrous media appearances in the run up to the election.

On Wednesday (7 June), Labour announced Abbott would be taking a break, releasing a statement that said “Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, has asked Lyn Brown to stand in for Diane Abbott as shadow home secretary for the period of her ill health.”

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Following the announcement, wellwishers launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds to send Abbott a care package, which has so far racked up £3,549 (at the time of writing).

Writing on the page, the founders referenced the “vitriol, recycled hate and scrutiny” and “combined racism & sexism” the MP had faced in her 30 years in politics.

And today delighted social media users are taking to Twitter to praise Abbott and laud the results.

“Diane Abbott, under vociferous and relentless attack from virtually the entire British press, just increased her majority by over 11,000,” wrote on user.

“The misogynoir perpetrated against Diane Abbott didn't work. Look at her majority,” wrote another.

You can read more tweets below, and click here to read our pick of the funniest, snarkiest tweets of election results night.

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