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George Michael’s long-lost song, This Kind of Love, revealed


George Michael tragically passed away on Christmas Day, but we doubt the 80s music icon will ever be forgotten.

His songs - from Careless Whisper, to Faith, to Last Christmas - have touched the hearts of many over the years, earning Michael three Brit Awards (he won Best British Male twice), four MTV Video Music Awards, four Ivor Novello Awards, three American Music Awards, and two Grammy Awards from eight nominations. 

Unsurprisingly, he was ranked as one of the best-selling British artists of all time - but it seems as if the singer has one last “gift” for his fans.

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The late 53-year-old’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz took to Twitter to pay tribute to the star, sharing one of his long-lost tracks, This Kind of Love.

It includes the  lyrics: “Now everyone has to get over I know, but this empty house seems to get colder and colder.”

Fawaz posted the link in a tweet which said simply: “My Baby.”

The song was originally meant to feature on the unreleased album Trojan Souls, but versions of the single have been circulating online for some time. 

It's rumoured to have been co-written by Michael's long-time friend, Sir Elton John.

The full lyrics to This Kind of Love are:

You don't have to think about it, you don't have to do without it, you just have to believe in this kind of love
Don't have to be so scared, don't have to hide what you can, you just have to believe in this kind of love
Everybody's telling me that these are dangerous times. For you and me, can't you see baby?
Maybe we have better take a little care with this love
I know... ‘cos I can't be happy without you. Then I'll be the one
Now that I've found you...
I don't have to hold you down, I don't need to push you around. I just want you to be this kind of love
And if someone hurt you before. Can't you see, all that I wanna give you much more
Just have faith in me. This kind of love
Everybody's telling me that these are dangerous times. For you and me, can't you see baby?
People got to take a little bit of care when they got doubt. Don't let it go no, never no
And all I know, I don't have no reason to doubt you. Don't you think it's time to believe in someone, so I'm telling you
Now that I found you... I can't let you go
Nobody's perfect, all have a past. When you look at me how can you ask if I love you? Is it so hard to see?
Now everyone has to get over I know, but this empty house seems to get colder and colder. So won't you stay here with me?
And all I know, is that I don't have no reason to doubt you
Don't you think it's time to believe in someone? So I'm telling you
Now that I found you...

George Michael passed away on Christmas Day 2016

George Michael passed away on Christmas Day 2016

Fawaz, who had been linked to Michael for a number of years, was the one who discovered that the Faith singer had passed away on Christmas day.

He wrote on Twitter: “I will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.. I will never stop missing you.”

The hair stylist also told the Daily Telegraph: "We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don't know what happened yet.

"Everything had been very complicated recently, but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I.

"Now everything is ruined. I want people to remember him the way he was. He was a beautiful person."

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Michael's former partner Kenny Goss also spoke of his heartbreak at the pop superstar's shock death saying: “He was a major part of my life and I loved him very, very much.”

Goss described Michael as “an extremely kind and generous man” - words which certainly ring true, as it has since been revealed that the singer carried out a number of private acts of kindness during his lifetime.

Not only did he donate millions of pounds to charities involved with helping children, cancer victims and AIDS patients, but he also secretly gave a Deal or No Deal contestant the £15,000 she needed to pay for IVF treatment after seeing her on television.

Michael also set up a trust providing grants to disabled children and adults, as well as volunteered at a local homeless shelter.

Childline founder Esther Rantzen has also revealed that Michael gave royalties from his 1996 hit Jesus To A Child to the charity, along with many other donations. 

“Over the years he gave us millions and we were planning next year, as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations to create, we hoped, a big concert in tribute to him — to his artistry, to his wonderful musicality but also to thank him for the hundreds of thousands of children he helped,” she said. 

Michael did a similar thing with his and Elton John’s hit song Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me; the singer donated the proceeds of the track to aids hospice, London Lighthouse, and the Rainbow Trust children’s charity.

George Michael passed away peacefully at his home on Christmas Day; his death is being treated as “unexplained but not suspicious” by police.


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