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Good or bad bridesmaid?


Always the bridesmaid and never the bride? At least you get a good story out of it.

With wedding season in full swing, we asked you for your bridesmaid anecdotes, and whether you were a good bridesmaid (handling the bride's annoying drunken uncle with aplomb, holding her hair back when she's sick with pre-wedding nerves, brandishing a knife when there's nothing to cut the cake) or bad (OD-ing on the Cava and falling asleep, drooling during the best man speech, falling over on to the wedding gift table, and refusing to wear the frothy creation demanded of by the bride-to-be).

We were inundated with some heart-warming, and very amusing stories (including a lot of you ruining the big day as very young, weak-bladdered bridesmaids), so we decided to house them in all in one place for you to have a look at. If anything, your stories show that a) There are some very nice, very loyal friends out there willing to do anything for a bride, and b) Everyone messes up sometimes, and it's ok. Think of it as your guide to surviving the wedding season ahead.


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