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SNL’s Hillary Clinton channels Love Actually in bid to stop Trump becoming president

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Kate McKinnon has dusted off her Hillary Clinton wig for a very important new Saturday Night Live skit – and she parodied an iconic Christmas film in the process.

In the sketch, titled Hillary Actually, McKinnon’s Clinton appears on the doorstep of a US Electoral College voter (played by Cecily Strong). And – as desperate times call for desperate measures – uses a series of handwritten cue cards in a bid to change the fate of America.

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For those who aren’t au fait with American politics, it’s worth remembering that today (Monday 19 December), the US Electoral College is expected to make President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory official.

The 538 members will gather in each state and cast their ballots to vote for their chosen president and vice president.

Lawmakers can object to the final result (although this has never  happened before) – something which Hillary Clinton supporters are urging members to do. And now McKinnon’s Clinton herself has spoken out...

"Bish... he cray"

"Bish... he cray"

Just as Mark (Andrew Lincoln) does with Juliet (Keira Knightley) in 2003 movie Love Actually, her latest SNL skit begins with Clinton flashing a notecard at Strong, which reads simply: “Tell him it’s carol singers”.

Strong complies, with a smile, allowing HRC to speed through her many qualifications and achievements, before getting to the nitty gritty of the matter; why Trump must be stopped.

“He’s refusing security briefings,” she explains, as she attempts to change the hearts and minds of electoral voters everywhere. “He’s already provoked the Chinese. His entire cabinet is anti-gay, anti-environmental, and anti-women. He attacked a union leader on Twitter. He has business conflicts all over the world. He knew Russia was involved in hacking the election. His daughter sits in on meetings with foreign leaders. His Secretary of Education is anti-public schools. His Vice-President believes in conversion therapy. More than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault…”

The list goes on and on, forcing SNL’s Clinton to whip out an abnormally large note card – and she doesn’t stop there.

Nope, HRC even has a few suggestions for people that might be better for the job than Trump – one of which is a rock. Any rock.

Watch Hillary Actually for yourself below:

“If Donald Trump becomes President,” she finishes (after briefly borrowing a few lines from The Help), “he will kill us all.”

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Hmm. Can something be equally hilarious and terrifying at the same time?

McKinnon also donned a different wig for this week’s SNL, as she took on the role of “master illusionist”, Kellyanne Conway – as in, yes, the very same woman who led Trump’s campaign to victory.

Alongside Alec Baldwin, who, once again, expertly brought Trump and his exaggerated pout to life, the pair began discussing their Christmas plans and his choices for Cabinet.

“Stay close by,” he tells Conway as she exits stage left.

“Don’t worry, sir,” she replies drily. “I’m handcuffed to you for all of history.”

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Within seconds of her leaving, Beck Bennet tumbles down the Trump Tower chimney as a shirtless, scheming Vladimir Putin – with an extra-special (and sinister) gift for the new President-elect.

Yup, you guessed it; it’s a spy-cam version of Elf on the Shelf… and, despite Melania’s concerns, Trump seems unperturbed by Putin’s designs on his future oval office.

Bennet is followed swiftly by John Goodman as a jovially evil Rex Tillerson, who (in an obvious reference to the new US Secretary of State’s rumoured ties to Russia) refers to Putin affectionately as ‘Pootie’.

Cue Baldwin’s Trump getting poutier and poutier, as Tillerson and Putin get to business without him – and an “unpresidented” and merciless mocking of the real-life Trump. Who, despite often using Twitter to slam SNL’s parodies of himself, has yet to respond to this latest roasting.

We have a feeling the skits aren’t going to stop anytime soon – especially once Trump finds himself in the White House come January 2017.

Meanwhile Baldwin, who seems to have landed himself a long-term gig as SNL’s official Trump impersonator, has said that he will stop the parodies… but only if Trump agrees to his terms.

“Release your tax returns and I’ll stop,” he tweeted. “Ha.”

Images: YouTube / SNL



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