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Interview: Jaime Winstone


Jaime first came to our attention as Becky in Kidulthood (2006); a hard hitting film about the day in the life of a group of troubled 15 year olds growing up in west London. She has since been building up an impressive CV, favouring challenging roles in gritty films such as Dead Set, Five Daughters, Donkey Punch and Made in Dagenham. We had a chat with the actress post London Fashion Week and chatted about clothes, style and her dad.

Hi Jaime, what have you been up to?

I’m really busy at the moment prepping for my film Elfie Hopkins and the Gammons. We start filming in a week and I can’t go into too much detail, but it’s a film that me and my friend have got off the ground. My partner Ryan Andrews, is directing and it’s got a Twin Peaks-y vibe to it and it’s based on a home grown comic book Elfie Hopkins. It’s a kind of private investigation, comic book series – it’s so hard to describe without going into too much detail. But Elfie Hopkins is a kind of alter ego of mine that I’ve wanted to play for a while. She’s fun, she’s bored of her life, she’s stuck somewhere in the 90s and she wants to be a private investigator – that’s her dream but she’s bored in a village and she goes on to discover some very weird stuff that tests her private investigator skills, it’s quite exciting.

Your dad (Ray Winstone) is in it too. What is it like working with him?

My dad will be in it. It’s great to work with him, but working with your parents, you know they’re your parents but they’re also your biggest critics, you care most about their opinions.

As it’s your film will you be bossing your dad about?

No, I don’t think anyone bosses my dad about (laughs). I’ll be co-producing so I’ll be standing back from afar (laughs).

London Fashion Week has just come to a close - did you enjoy it?

I did indeed – it was so full on but it was great – really great. It’s not something that I look forward to but when it comes upon us I get very excited. It’s very hectic though and by the end of it you need to retreat; I’ve just come back from my mummy and daddies (Roydon, Essex), I’ve just been hanging about with my sister in the garden and doing real stuff. LFW is always exciting, I love fashion, so being able to go to the shows to see what’s on offer and what’s coming up, what direction people are going in, is really quite fun. But also very tiring!

How did you stay so fresh faced during LFW?

Moisturiser – a lot, a lot of moisturiser! And a lot of Glacéau Vitamin Water, I’ve drunk a lot of it recently and it really does sort you out, i-focus is my favourite (strawberry and kiwi). So, keep yourself hydrated, moisturised and eat well. I don’t know why but at the end of every show I was starving - and it wasn’t the models! In fact I thought they looked great, I didn’t see any overly skinny models, it was really nice to see some bigger looking models on the catwalk as well, I think every girl should walk the catwalk once in her life, and this only opens up opportunities.

At the end of every show I was starving - and it wasn’t the models!

Did you manage to get to most of the shows?

I got to the ones that I wanted to see – I got to see Giles (Deacon), Pam Hogg, Vivienne (Westwood), and Julien MacDonald was really great this year, and a few other ones… Oh and James Moore was great, he’s a friend of mine and a menswear designer, it’s always nice to see a men’s show at the end – to balance yourself out a bit.

Who stood out most for you?

Pam always stands out for me because she’s kind of in her own league anyway; she’s kind of self made, really iconic, has a punk background and she’s becoming more wearable each year, I mean it always stems from something quite obscure and mad, but that stood out to me. And Vivienne’s make up was so dramatic this year, something that’s going to be quite inspirational for festival season I think. Julianne’s also really stood out, he’s kind of been in the background for a little bit, but he really stood out this year with his rock fairy take theme, which was great, really, really impressive.

Did you see anything that you want to wear this autumn?

Yeah definitely – I loved a lot of the Vivienne stuff, the bags were amazing, a lot of the PPQ shoes were great, the Giles furs were amazing, I don’t know if I’ll be wearing them but they were absolutely amazing – I love that he gets one thing in his head and just goes with it and commits himself to it. Really stunning stuff. And obviously the Pam Hogg catsuit is my number one!

Have you got any LFW gossip?

Not that I know of – not that I can tell! I try to stay out of the gossip thing at the moment.

Did you get to go to any good LFW parties?

There were a few but to be honest because I’ve been prepping for work I haven’t been partying too much. I went to the Next Model Management official end of fashion week party with the British Fashion Council in association with Sony records, which was lovely, but when you’ve been to one you’ve kind of been to them all.

How would you describe your style?

To be honest it all depends on how I feel each day, I guess if I had to describe my style it would be a vintage, punky vibe, but the older I get I like to be more sophisticated but still edgy – edgy sophistication!

Glacéau vitaminwater is the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week. For colourful daily content visit facebook.com/vitaminwateruk.



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