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Kate Moss: beauty's new mogul

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The last time Stylist met Kate Moss, she told us her hair and make-up team call her the ‘moving target’ because of her constant chattering. But today she’s clearly been sitting still because she’s sporting a perfect slash of deep red lipstick on that famous pout, along with her trademark slick of black eyeliner.

We are in a suitably glamorous place to meet the newly married supermodel – Claridge’s penthouse – where she is decked out entirely in grey (Stella McCartney knitted vest, Alexander McQueen cigarette pants and pointy courts) with her slim limbs folded underneath her as she half-lies on the suite’s sofa. Despite the girlish lilt and constant giggles, she has a certain elegance and serenity that make it clear why Kate has spent her life in front of the lens, her face a canvas for world’s finest make-up artists.

Now she has put the beauty knowledge she has accumulated to good use, with a seven-strong lipstick range for Rimmel. The self-titled lip collection (£5.49 each, in stores now) is brighter, bolder and more catwalk-inspired than ever before; our favourites are the brilliantly true blue-red No.1 (pictured) and the edgy violet plum No.4. We chat to her about English roses, the power of the pout and, er, gravy.

We recently held a competition to win the Balmain jacket you wore in the new Rimmel campaign. How much input did you have into the look?

Well, I chose the lipstick colours myself, I also had my stylist there on the day, and I knew the director. With the make-up, it was a case of me saying, “I love this red lip with this grey eyeshadow,” and taking it from there.

Why is lipstick the first make-up product you’ve created with Rimmel?

Lipstick is iconic. It’s the one product that marks out an era, and a certain lip colour can define a season. It makes me feel more ‘done’. I wear a beige lip in the day, but red when I’m going somewhere – it makes that transition from day to night. I just slick it on, I don’t bother with lipliner.

Do you think lipstick has a particular resonance with London – is it a very British statement to make?

Yeah, British girls do a really good red lip. It’s not so much an American thing. The British are more eccentric, they’re not scared to try different looks, whereas in America, it’s all glossy beige, with the perfect blow-dry, the perfect manicure. In Paris, it’s a dark red lip and a smokey eye. In London, it’s much more thrown together, there’s no standard uniform.

What is your favourite make-up look from your catwalk days?

There were so many, but I loved John Galliano’s geisha show [Dior in 1994]. The make-up was amazing. It was the first time I had really done the eyeliner tick. It was fun getting into the spirit of a particular look. Sometimes I’d be doing five shows a day, some you wouldn’t like too much and some you’d be like “Do they have to take it off? I really like this one!”

British are more eccentric. They’re not scared to try different looks.

What is your favourite beauty era?

I love the Sixties with Julie Christie and Jane Birkin – those natural English beauties. That’s the look that is most me, when I wore the tight-to-the knee dresses. I don’t think I bleached my hair until I was 20. I like experimenting for big occasions though. You’ve always got to do a bit of a number for the birthday!

Do you like the same era in design?

I’ve found this shop that had all these lamps from the Thirties, so I’m into that. I love Art Deco too. I’ve got pictures that I love by artists that I love such as Magritte.

Do you often have beauty treatments or would you say you’re fairly low maintenance?

I’m definitely low maintenance but I do have a lot of massages and I have this girl who comes to my house to do my nails. My friends will come over and we’ll all get our nails done or have waxes. My daughter [Lila Grace, nine] has got really into nail art. The other day I turned up at work with gold and black patterned nails that she’d done for me.

Would you describe yourself as a homebody at heart?

It depends how busy I am, but I did get really into cooking at one point. I can do a good roast with my eyes closed. I’m amazing with gravy. That’s my speciality, even other people ask me to do gravy at their house. I’m very proud of my gravy.



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