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Kristen Wiig Interview

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When we asked our readers what they'd like to ask Kristen Wiig, there was one question that really stuck out for us: 'can she be my friend?'

Because that's exactly what we wanted to ask. Ever since we saw her in Knocked Up as the hilarious, yet passive aggressive assistant, in which she stole this scene from the lead Katherine Heigl, we've admired her ability to turn a straight line into something snort-producingly funny.

Then, of course, came the brilliant Bridesmaids. Not only did the film show how complex and fraught, yet important, female relationships are, it was the only comedy in years to celebrate female comediennes and prove that women can actually be funny. More recently, she managed to get the whole of the Golden Globes audience guffawing while doing that skit with Will Ferrell (the salmon!). And so our obsession with her continued.

However, we put aside any hints of fan girl behaviour and asked the questions our readers wanted to know, all the while resisting the urge to ask her if she fancied a quick chat over a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

You're playing a different character in Despicable Me 2 – how did you get into character?

The first character’s almost opposite of who I’m playing in the second one. She [Miss Hattie] was kind of saccharine but really not nice too. She was very round all over and Lucy [in Despicable Me 2] is pretty much the opposite. She’s a sweet and enthusiastic woman, who’s really positive and has the tiniest arms and legs I think I’ve ever seen.

If you could be a supervillain who would you be?

I wouldn’t be Catwoman, it would take too much energy to be her, it involves too much make up and diet and fitness. And the black leather wouldn’t be nice when it’s extra hot out. Although Mystique’s body is amazing, the scales would be too difficult to handle and they'd probably fall off. So, I would be a naked, fleshy villain, with a lot of people around me. I'd have to be totally naked out of shape and I’d live in a white house, just to be different, and because villains always live in like dark places like caves. I totally have all my friends around me. But not people who had an evil streak because villains really like to be separated and be the most mean.

And would you have a supervillain army?

Yes, I think I would have an army, definitely. I think villains are lonely and they need to have people around them. I’d like to have people around me who were validating what I was doing, like ‘this is OK what I’m doing, right?’. That you, know, it’s OK to take over the world and it’s not such a bad thing. I think that’s the problem with a lot of villains.

You recently went back to Saturday Night Live to host. How was that?

It was very surreal to go back. It was a dream come true to host, you know. Just as an actor, you think to host Saturday Night Live would be such an honour and having done the show for so long to come back and host the show, I felt really proud and flattered.

What do you miss the most? Do you have any plans to go back again?

No, nothing yet. It was weird in that you’re the host and there’s the cast, so part of you’s like ‘Oh but I wanna go with them…’ (looks forlornly). I wanna be where they’re going. But you’re there in a different capacity, it was so much fun though, because I knew everyone.

Would you ever create your own sitcom?

No plans, no.

What about a book?

I don’t really know what I would write about. I don’t know if I have a desire to write a book. I guess, if I did write one, it would be about like pictures I drew. Probably like a kids book for adults.

Who is your favourite comedian?

I don’t have one because I don’t think there is such a thing. Different people make me laugh for different reasons. And it would be hard to pick one. But Will Ferrell is a big inspiration to me and was when he was on that show (Saturday Night Live). His sense of humour is something that I can totally relate to, although I don’t wanna trap myself and describe a sense of humour because I don’t think you can, but he just always looks like he’s always having fun and a good time. I think with comedy you can’t take it too seriously and dissect it and it’s almost like you can’t try too hard. I just like watching people who have that sort of freedom and looks like they’re having fun.

Seeing as you're starring in Anchorman 2, if you had to marry one of the four anchors, who would you pick?

I would definitely marry Brick. He seems like he would be faithful and fun and he’s got great glasses.

And who would you avoid?

Ron Burgundy. He would just cheat all the time.

Despicable Me 2 is in cinemas now

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