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These are the things Lena Dunham wishes hadn't happened in Girls

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We love Girls.

But we’re grown up enough to admit there are little niggles we’re not so fond of in most of the shows we obsess about. Chandler Bing’s croaky sentimental voice whenever the scene was meant to be emotional. Carrie Bradshaw’s inability to listen to a friend’s problem without bringing the conversation back round to herself.

Turns out, even the creators of these beloved shows have things they might have done differently with hindsight, and Girls’ Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner have revealed a few of their regrets.

With the sixth and final series having just wrapped, set to air 2017, the pair delved into some of the storylines they didn’t love during a panel discussion at the New York Television Festival.

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As hollywoodreporter.com reports, Dunham – who plays Hannah, as well as producing, directing and writing the show – wasn’t happy with an episode in the first series that saw Jessa, played by Jemima Kirke, have revenge sex with an ex who had moved on with someone else.

“She was a little too soulless,” Dunham explained. “There was something about that that doesn't ultimately speak to who that character really was and we were finding her and figuring out how to write for someone who was confident but had this dark side.

“So that's not something I watch with joy.”

Co-showrunner Konner also revealed that they both felt like main character Hannah’s experience writing commercial content for GQ didn’t fit with the show, saying: “We had the most incredible actors but I was slightly bored with an office scene. It felt the most kind of away from Girls.”

Dunham added: “Even if it was part of Hannah’s growth and we needed it, it just felt outside of her world.”

And in a less storyline-related reveal, Dunham says in the early days, she sneaked something into the script that Konner really dislikes and that she now wishes she hadn’t.

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She told the panel audience: “The girls all have alliterative middle names. I slipped it by Jenni. She literally hates it.

“There is Marnie Marie Michaels, there’s Hannah Helene Horvath. There’s Jessa Joan Johansson, and there is Shoshanna Sharon Shapiro […] I’m embarrassed about it now.”

During the discussion, the actor wouldn’t confirm rumours that Hannah is pregnant in the sixth season, after many speculated based on set pictures, and she also said those who want Hannah back with Adam could be disappointed, despite the pair looking distinctly cosy in the same snaps.

“I do think that character [of Adam] is really beautiful and complex but no one should be like, ‘Hannah and Adam, one true pair, belong together forever.’

“These people have been abusing the shit out of each other for years.

“When people are like, ‘I hope Hannah and Adam end up together, they're such a perfect couple,’ I worry that I've like glorified the relationships that destroyed me in my early 20s.”

They can't keep us apart for long #dagirls

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Dunham has previously said of the HBO show’s ending that it was an “exciting” prospect given how long they’d worked on it: “It's really exciting. I started working on this show when I was 23, and I'm going to be 30 so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world.”

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In a series of Instagram captions, Dunham documented the emotional end of filming last month, writing: “I know I'm not alone in the Girls family when I say this is the end of the largest and most potent chapter of my life so far.

“Before Girls I had zero identity, zero self-love and an urgent sense of untapped creative desire that kept me up and sweating at night in other people's beds, wondering why vague sexual affirmation wasn’t enough to make me feel human.

“I had hardly an inkling of the responsibility we take on when we tell stories, or of the power words can have, but what I had – as an obsessed fan of shows from Girlfriends to Felicity to Ally McBeal – was the audacity to think that people might want to see women like my friends and me (broken, imperfect, angry) on television […]

“It's going to take awhile to understand the heartbreak of saying goodbye to these characters, these collaborators and this life. I barely remember another one.”

While we’re expecting an ending as messy and refreshing as the rest of the show has been, according to HBO's Kathleen McCaffrey, who's worked closely with the show's team, we can rest assured that “they found a beautiful way to close the story that feels both satisfying and I think leaves it open for the possibility for all of us to wonder what happens to each of them.

“I think it's really well done, well-constructed and beautifully told.”

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