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Live web chat: Hadley Freeman


This week's lunchtime masterclass is with Guardian columnist and writer Hadley Freeman.

Hadley is a columnist and features writer. She has worked for The Guardian since 2000 and writes the popular tongue-in-cheek "Ask Hadley" fashion column, where she answers readers' of-the-minute style queries.

In 2008, Hadley published The Meaning of Sunglasses, a funny, chic and wise guide to all things fashion.

Her latest book, Be Awesome - Modern Life for Modern Ladies, is published next month and tackles body image, sex, dating and feminism head on.

It covers topics vital for any modern woman to consider from ‘How to read women’s magazines without wanting to grow a penis’ to ‘Beyond the armpit: a guide to being a modern day feminist’.

Hadley also contributes to US Vogue. She lives in London.

Are you an aspiring fashion writer? Or perhaps you want to ask Hadley about the issues she covers in her book, whether that's the advantages of being single or how to react when you friend has a baby. Whatever your question, join our live web chat with Hadley this Friday at 1pm in the comments section below.

Be Awesome, £12.99 is published by Harper Collins and comes out on 25 April.


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