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“I would still love to do it”: Louis Theroux on the one documentary he had to abandon


Louis Theroux, man of our docu-dreams. We’ve watched him effortlessly navigate the treacherous waters of swinging, scientology and state prisons. We’ve accompanied him on his Weird Weekends to Westboro Baptist Church, managing to share his views on homosexuality and make it out unscathed. But the journalist has recently revealed there is one project even he was forced to give up halfway through.

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During a recent interview with Ash Tulett, Theroux revealed: “There’s lots of subjects I feel like I haven’t got to. For me, I suppose, a big one would be what people sometimes call Islamism. You know that wing, that far out wing, that draws strands of Islam but turns them into a kind of poisonous ideology that justifies bombings of civilians.”

Understandably, it was concerns over safety that initially prevented him from jetting off to any conflict zones.

“If you subtracted the possibility of having my head chopped off I would be fascinated to go into Iraq and Syria and see what’s going on over there.”

Theroux then went on to admit that he had already dipped his toe into the project, albeit in areas slightly closer to home. “I tried last year to begin making a film with some British Muslims who were more or less sympathetic to what Isis or Daesh, whatever you call them, the so called ‘Islamic State’, what they were doing. And I think it was such a time of heightened sensitivities that it was very hard to build trust with contributors.”

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It seems his fears were confirmed, as two potential sources were arrested before the project was completed. “There was also an awareness that anything they might say, if they were candid about how they felt, that they might be locked up for glorified terrorism. And, in fact, two of them were locked up, although not because of anything they said to us.”

According to the award-winning journalist, research then “fizzled out”, which only leads us to wonder what’s next for the My Scientology Movie creator. Luckily, he gave us a hint about where his investigations may take him this year.

Donald Trump Press Conference

Louis Theroux revealed his next project will be none other than Donald Trump

“Donald Trump,” he suggested, before appealing to the US President directly.

“I’d give you a fair hearing. Just don’t look at my Twitter stream. Anything that I’ve said against you… possibly my tweets were hacked. Perhaps I didn’t write those ones.”

While we would love to see Theroux take on the Trumpster, for now we’ll have to make do with his latest exploits into the closely guarded world of Scientology. Just don’t keep us waiting too long, Louis.

Watch the full interview below:

Images: Rex Features



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