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Lucy Mangan is... Outspoken


Missed a week of Lucy Mangan's brilliant Outspoken column in Stylist magazine? Read the columns from past issues here.

Image: Colin Bell

"I am so jealous of my friend going to Uni"

Read Lucy's column here

"Cretins aren't spared by super injunctions"

Read Lucy's column here

"When did porn stop being a bad thing?"

Read Lucy's column here

"Celebrities, please stop acting like us"

Read Lucy's column here'

"Women can still be toxic bullies"

Read Lucy's column here'

"If only I could have my Mother's competence"

Read Lucy's column here'

"All romantic notions are based on lies"

Read Lucy's column here'

"Why women get the blame for most rows"

Read Lucy's column here

"I won't let the truth ruin my weekend"

Read Lucy's column here

"Control freaks get a bad press”

Read Lucy's column here

"I am a book lover...sometimes, I hug them"

Read Lucy's column here

"Being massive snobs unites us all"

Read Lucy's column here

"I'll never take my husband's last name"

Read Lucy's column here

"We're too busy to be full-time volunteers"

Read Lucy's column here

"I love fashion but it scares me a bit"

Read Lucy's column here



Video: How to get published

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Lucy Mangan: How to be a columnist



Lucy Mangan on the art of saving money

“In debt? Allow me to confiscate your cards”

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15 Jan 2017

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“Happiness is getting acquainted with Mother Nature”

Lucy Mangan steps outside

by The Stylist web team
04 Dec 2016

Why ladylike language can sod off

Lucy Mangan is pleased that we have reached gender parity on swearing

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04 Nov 2016

“Pure bliss is having the house to yourself”

Lucy Mangan on the pleasure of being home alone

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25 Oct 2016

Feeling powerless? Don’t worry, we all are

Lucy Mangan on fighting a feeling of helplessness

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18 Oct 2016

Lucy Mangan on why female victims of crime are not ‘asking for it’

“How rich and famous are we allowed to become before it is OK to rob us at gunpoint?”

by Lucy Mangan
11 Oct 2016

Lucy Mangan on why celebrations have become so expensive

It's a birthday, not an investment opportunity

by Lucy Mangan
10 Oct 2016