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Michelle Obama 'to pursue career as children’s book author after the White House'

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For eight wonderful years, Michelle Obama has performed her duties as First Lady with grace, intelligence, and just a dash of badassery.

In just a few days, she will step aside for a new FLOTUS in the form of Melania Trump – but that doesn’t mean that Obama is about to take a career break. Quite the opposite, in fact, as she plans to work harder for US citizens than ever before.

And, perhaps even more excitingly, she’s also toying with the idea of writing a series of children’s books, too.

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In a new interview with The Washington Post, Obama's longtime deputy chief of staff Melissa Winter explained that everyone’s favourite FLOTUS fully intends to continue her advocacy work from her years in the White House.

Once she’s settled into her family’s new home in Washington D.C. (as well as readjusted to life as a private citizen), she intends to rent out office space and work with a small staff, led by Winter.

“When she’s ready, our group will come together and do strategy,” said Winter. “And we’ll talk about what does the first event for the new Michelle Obama look like. How do we want it to feel, and how does she want it to feel?”

Winter continued: “Probably down the line [there are] many books in her.

“I think she’d be a wonderful children’s book author.”

She added: “We haven’t set up a process for that, [but] down the line it would be a natural way to exhale from an experience like this.”

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Obama has already penned a cookbook, titled American Grown, and she has at least one other book on the way – the President himself has confirmed that his wife is working on her very own memoir about her life in the White House – and it’s expected to net a multi-million pound advance.

Her primary goal, however, is to find a new sense of normality.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in one of her final interviews as First Lady, Obama said: “I've found that if you just flow into a pattern of life with people, they give you space to come in. That's happened at my kids' school and the places where I go and work out.

“I hope to find a way to seamlessly work my way into a normal life.”

She added: “It's going to take time, but I'm going to, slowly.”



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