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Fascinating new public art project asks people why they are leaving from or moving to London

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While we love the Big Smoke and all it has to offer, with its wonderful restaurant openings, beautiful parks and hubs of creativity, there are some who have decided to move out of the city. 

Either as a result of higher living costs or just because they want to experience something different, there is shift in how people view London. However, on the flip side, there are others who are now deciding to take the leap and move into the city. 

To document this current change going on in the capital, a public art project entitled London Is Changing has invited people to share their stories of migrating to and from the capital, with the aim of facilitating "discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London".

Depicted in the form of digital billboards in central London, each poster gives a reason for why he or she has decided to move in or out of the city.

For example, a research scientist, who is moving from Hackney to Germany says "London has become so unaffordable that I cannot afford to enjoy the benefits anymore. I am less well off than when I was a student here 10 years ago". 

On a more positive note, those who are moving into London are excited about the opportunities they might find, or perhaps they love the city so much they've decided to stay.

One such contributor is a communications director who is planning to move to Redbridge from Tower Hamlets, says "I've been here for about eight years now. It still feels new and I still love living here".

Created by design lecturer Rebecca Ross, the project will run throughout 2015 and you can add your own contribution here. You can also take a look at some of our favourite posters below.





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