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Relationships: what the stars say

When it comes to relationships, sex, marriage and divorce, Hollywood stars obsess just as much as the average person. Take Sophia Loren, who compares sex without love to washing your face, Debbie Harry, who admits she always falls for the bad guy or Sixties style icon Jane Birkin, who has the inside line on heartbreak.

From love and infidelity to the importance of a healthy love life, here are some tips, advice and observations from legends of the stage and screen...



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Helena Bonham Carter opens up about "heartbreaking" split

“Sometimes you’re not meant to be together forever” by Harriet Hall

23 May 2016

“I'm still floating”: inside Eva Longoria's spectacular A-list wedding

And guess who designed her dresss...? by Sarah Biddlecombe

23 May 2016

Adele debuts new music video – and she’s dancing in it

“I lost all of my inhibitions. It was actually really fun…” by Moya Crockett

23 May 2016

Woman tells how “love of her life” died in her arms in Paris attack

“I was telling him not to leave me, and that I love him.” by Harriet Hall

19 May 2016

Killer or miscarriage of justice? The true case dividing TV viewers

Guilty? by Anna Pollitt

19 May 2016

The best A-list Instagrams from the week so far

From shoe snaps to glam squads by Nicola Colyer

18 May 2016

How Robin Wright fought for (and won) equal pay on House of Cards

“I was like: ‘You’d better pay me or I’m going to go public.’” by Amy Swales

18 May 2016

Ellie Goulding opens up about ‘debilitating’ panic attacks

“My surroundings would trigger a panic attack." by Harriet Hall

18 May 2016

JK Rowling: Donald Trump has a right to be bigoted

A defence of free speech by Anna Pollitt

18 May 2016

Susan Sarandon: Thelma and Louise would never have been made today

"A lack of imagination on the part of men.” by Harriet Hall

17 May 2016