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Russia's answer to Banksy


A Russian street artist known only by his tag "P183" has been hailed as the new Banksy for his eye-catching range of graffiti that now peppers the city of Moscow.

His innovative pieces include a pair of spectacles drawn around a lamp post, a ghostly girl hanging baubles on barbed wire and a drawing of a rioter carrying a flare on a subway bridge.

Like Banksy, P183 is shrouded in mystery - all that is known about him is that his name is Pavel, he is 28 years old and he studied "communicative design" before exhibiting his talents on the urban landscape of Moscow.

"The snow fell, covering the square in a huge white sheet," he told Russian media (presumably via a third party), about his spectacles piece. "Looking from the window of the upper floor I could not help looking for items to put fantasies into reality.

"In the middle of the courtyard stands a lamppost, which very much resembles the shackle of glasses. The decision came immediately to make it a reality."

Peruse more examples of his handiwork, above and below. What do you think? Can P183 really rival Banksy? Or are both over-rated? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments section, below.

Picture credit: Rex Features



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