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Sasha Obama’s real name has been revealed – and the internet cannot handle it

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The Obama family may have moved out of the White House after eight years, but it seems people can’t quite let go, and now it’s former first daughter Sasha making waves online.

This time, it’s for the fact that Sasha isn’t actually her real name: it’s a nickname, short for Natasha.

Cue a massive and overblown freak-out on Twitter:

It’s safe to say that people were surprised, but they really shouldn’t have been: Sasha’s full name was first waved under the noses of the world in the summer of 2016.

As in, yes, an entire year ago.

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The New York Daily News reports that she went by her full name while she was working at her restaurant job in Martha's Vineyard. 

Now, a year later, much of the internet's still just finding out – which a number of savvy social media users love pointing out.

“Remember how a bunch of us learned Sasha Obama's full name was Natasha... LAST YEAR?” wrote one, as far back as January.

In fact, the original tweet sparking the recent reactions read: “Today is the one year anniversary of me finding out Sasha Obama's actual first name is Natasha.”

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We imagine the furore gave Sasha/Natasha something extra to smile about as she celebrated turning 16 on 10 June.

Over the weekend, the internet was treated to two photos from Sasha/Natasha’s ‘Sweet 16’ party, which saw her smiling alongside her proud parents, former President and FLOTUS Obama.

It prompted a flurry of messages from thousands of Obama fans all over the world, with one person writing: “These photos are beautiful… great job, mom and dad.”

A postscript at the end added: “We still miss you… every damn day.”

Us too, guys. Us too.

Main image: twitter.com/abnooralways



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